Knights & Dragons - How to Get Items in the Game

From fighting dragons and other creatures to building my team, I have been really enjoying Knights & Dragons


The mobile game revolves around crafting items, battling mythical beasts, fighting alongside friends, learning to become a hero, forging elemental armors, and more.

In this guide, I'll teach you how you can play Knights & Dragons and how you get items in the game. Let's go!

  • Getting Started with Knights & Dragons
  • Know Where to Find Resources
  • Understand Each Element
  • Finish All the Quests
  • Leveling Up Regenerates Your Health
  • Get Free Gems
Knights & Dragons - How to Get Items in the Game
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Getting Started with Knights & Dragons

To start with the game, you will need to be very cautious of your actions. The first thing I usually build is the fountain where I get a decent amount of gold income every hour. 

Knights & Dragons - How to Get Items in the Game
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Once I have enough gold, I would then sell the fountain and build guard towers since they can hold more gold than the fountain and get a steady income as well. 

This is also the right time to expand my castle and build an armorsmith so I can start crafting armors and enhancing them with elements. I'll discuss more of that below in specifics.

Finishing the Tutorial

The game will be difficult to grasp especially for new players. I highly suggest that you go through the tutorial

It will teach you all the fundamentals of the game including combat, building, farming for resources, and enhancing your items. 

Don't forget to enter a friend code after the tutorial so you can always have a friend to talk to when you have questions in the game.

Know Where to Find Resources

Resources are quite easy to find in Knights & Dragons. All you need to do is to defeat the monsters and they will drop these resources. However, resources are dropped randomly so you will have to farm for them or know where to find them. 

Knights & Dragons - How to Get Items in the Game
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One thing I noticed with the monsters in this game is that when I do a special attack that kills the monster, it will drop an elemental shard. These shards are used to infuse armors to make them stronger. 

The stronger the monster, the rarer the drops become. This is exponentially higher when I'm dealing with bosses in the game. Bosses usually drop fusion stars, chest keys, and very rare elemental shards. 

Find challenging monsters and defeat them using your special attack to earn more resources.

How to Get Items

There are several ways to get items in the game. The first and easiest way is to finish the tutorial which will give you a good set of items that will provide solid protection for the first few stages and quests. You can then take on quests so you can collect experience and gold to purchase more items. 

Another way to get items is to open chests. Chests give out random items including armor. However, I heavily advise not to use your hard-earned gems in opening chests such as the Dark Prince Chest as there are minimal chances of you getting the legendary armor or the items that you need. 

It is much better to find the Big Four armor or fuse armors together to create a new one instead.

Understand Each Element

There are five different elements that are used in Knights & Dragons. Each of these elements is infused into armor which brings a certain amount of benefits and some slight disadvantages depending on the type of element that you infused it. 

Knights & Dragons - How to Get Items in the Game
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These five elements include Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and Spirit. Each of these elements counters each other so it is always a fair game. All you need to do is to equip an armor that counters a certain element from the enemy. 

Fire is good against Spirit while Water is best to use for Fire. There are many other counters to each element and I'll leave you to discover that. 

Additionally, when you infuse an armor with the same type of element, you gain a 20% bonus Fusion experience which further enhances your armor. It is always best to craft and enchant your armor to enhance its resistance.

Enlist Your Friends for Help

The game thrives on playing with other players. This is the reason why you always get hints that you can invite your friends over to help you with quests and boss battles. 

Many seasoned players did not climb to the top of the leaderboard or popularity by just playing the game by themselves. They have enlisted a lot of their friends to help them on their quests. This should also be your route to success

Tell your friends about the game and play together. You may also check out the forums for some friend codes to join you in battle. Make sure to use those friend codes and earn yourself a new ally today.

Finish All the Quests

Many users have commented that the early stages of the game are quite slow. There is a reason behind this.

Knights & Dragons - How to Get Items in the Game
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The early game is filled with quests that will teach you how to play the game better. Think of it as an extension of the tutorial but with better rewards

Just follow the quests after the tutorial and you will soon be able to get bonus items such as elemental armor. 

Finish all the quests to receive experience and other rewards as well.

Use Your Energy Wisely

The game uses an energy system that will allow you to do different actions in the game. When you run out of energy, you won't be able to play the game for a certain period. 

This is the reason why I urge you to be more cautious when it comes to spending your energy in the game. I would recommend that you spend all of your energy right before you end the game or right before you go to sleep. 

This way, the energy replenishes by the time you wake up or after half a day at most. You should be able to play once more by the time this happens.

Leveling Up Regenerates Your Health

There will be times when you bite off more than you can chew and it will result in a very difficult battle ahead.

Knights & Dragons - How to Get Items in the Game
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One trick that I've learned when I'm faced with a high-level opponent is to go for the mobs first so that I can gain enough experience points to level up my characters. This maneuver would help me sustain the battle longer. 

The reason behind this is that leveling up restores health. You immediately heal back all the damage that was dealt with you so you get a free pass whenever your unit levels up.

Forfeit a Losing Battle

There are instances when you realize that the battle is about to be lost and you don't have any other option than to surrender

Surrendering or quitting the game does not involve any form of penalty. What I like about Knights & Dragons is that I can forfeit a battle and start over again. This gives me a chance to formulate my strategy against the current enemy anytime I want. 

By then, I know how to play this battle out and win the game without having to deal with tougher consequences.

Get Free Gems

Gems are commonly used for premium items in this game. It can be very difficult to acquire since I will need real money to purchase gems

However, I discovered that I can get gems in the game for free. All I did was go to the in-game Shop and then head over to Scroll and tap on ‘Get Free Gems’. 

From there, I was instructed to either download some games and answer surveys. I was able to gather as many as 30 free gems in total from doing so. 

After you've gotten your rewards, you can just uninstall the games you downloaded after receiving the gems. You can always use a dummy email when answering those surveys as well.

Farm More Gold

Another great way to earn gold in Knights & Dragons that I have recently discovered is through the Training Fields. Make sure to jump into the Training Fields as soon as you hit level 25. 

You will need to find all the spots where you can farm for gold. At first, it is best to ignore all the building quests since it will take up all of your gold. Gather enough gold through this method and finish all the building quests once you have farmed enough gold from the Training Fields. 

It will take about a week before you can notice the sudden increase in your gold income.


And that's it! Knights & Dragons can be quite complex and highly strategic but it can also be fun to play especially when you have friends to play with you. Make sure to utilize all the tips mentioned above especially on how you can get items in this game to play better.

Check out Knights & Dragons on all mobile devices at the Google Play Store and the App Store.