Omega Legends - How To Get Free Gold Coins

With Omega Legends out for a year now, players are still finding new ways to enjoy the game. Omega Legends has taken a lot of inspiration from many other battle royale games, and it shows.


However, what truly makes the game unique from the rest of the pack is its hero system. Every hero I choose is different from the next. This makes every match in Omega Legends unique and the game even more strategic.

There are many ways to play the game, and in this article, I will tell you how you can play it effectively.

  • Understand Each Hero
  • Stick To Your Main Hero
  • Use Your Skills Properly
  • Take Advantage Of Rewards And Free Gold
  • Practice Using All Weapons
  • Plan Before Dropping
Omega Legends - How To Get Free Gold Coins
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Understand Each Hero

Probably the most important aspect in Omega Legends is the ability to understand how each hero works. At first, I didn't know what each hero offers.

The best way to find out what each hero does is by playing the game or checking out the store to view their skills. I also advise that you start to identify each hero based on their defining skill.

For example, Aurora is a support hero, but at first, you won't notice her until she uses her healing power or shield. If I see Aurora, I immediately identify her as the healer, an asset for my team, or a threat to me if she is on the opposing team.

An excellent strategy to deal with Aurora would be to focus on taking her out of the fight first. If she is out of the fight, it will immediately cripple the enemy's defense team, making it easier for my team to win a fight.

Know Your Role

Speaking of strategy, another good way to improve your game in Omega Legends is to know your role. Each hero in the game offers something unique and can provide a strategic advantage to their team.

Understanding each hero is a good starting point in playing the game. If you know what your role is in the game, you will improve your overall gameplay. I try to associate my playstyle with a certain hero and play the hero until I know its strengths and weaknesses.

Let's go back to my example with Aurora. As a support hero, you might want to stand behind your team so you can heal them faster instead of charging into battle and die since you are very vulnerable.

Stick To Your Main Hero

Now that you know your role stick to it by playing even more games with your chosen hero. By playing one character in the game, you will learn more about the hero.

Omega Legends - How To Get Free Gold Coins
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You learn how the hero functions in a team, and you might even find some cool tricks that you can do to outwit your enemies.

Even a support character like Aurora has some tricks up her sleeve, so never underestimate support classes in this game. There is a reason why many players would want to target them first.

Group Up

If there is one thing I noticed about new players in Omega Legends, it's that they always scatter around the map the moment they land. Many players don't understand the power of a squad fighting together as a unit.

Squads should always communicate and group up all the time. This should especially happen during the early phase of the game, where you are out scouting for a good area to settle for a while or hunting down certain enemies nearby.

Grouping up also helps your tanks and supports play better since they can defend you if you are attacked.

Use Your Skills Properly

Each hero has specific skills that can help turn the tide for your squad. This ultimately means that you should not squander all of your skills by spamming them without proper intent.

Omega Legends - How To Get Free Gold Coins
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I know it can be tempting to spam all of your skills during the battle. However, save your skills until the last minute or until you need them. Find a reason why you need to use your skills, and you will notice that you are using them less and less.

This does not mean that you don't need to use them in battle. This only shows that you are using your skills correctly and for the right reasons.

Don't Go Full Rambo

This is not some action movie where you are the star. You have an entire squad to work with, so avoid going into a fight alone and then blame your squad for your death.

Think of Omega Legends as a cat and mouse game where you look out for your team while also looking for the enemy. If you are already in a losing fight or you are low on health, find a safe place to regenerate and let the support heal you first before going out again.

You don't need to be a full-action star in this game.

Take Advantage Of Rewards And Free Gold

Omega Legends provides a lot of rewards for players who are loyal to the game. There is a daily sign-in reward where you get free gold.

Omega Legends - How To Get Free Gold Coins
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The main progression system rewards you with different prizes the moment you reach a certain threshold. You can also earn free gold by finishing daily activities.

Doing daily objectives will earn you activity points that will unlock even more rewards every day and every week. Go ahead and take advantage of these rewards so you can earn gold for free.

Join Guilds For Even More Rewards

If you are playing many matches in Omega Legends, you will have to spend a lot of your time talking to other players. If you are interested in the game's social aspect, you can join a guild and get rewarded for doing so.

Having a guild has a lot of advantages. I always play with my guildmates to increase my chances of winning. The more we play together, the more guild points we gather.

Soon, we can grab exclusive rewards from using guild points, including free gold and other freebies. Make sure to join guilds whenever possible and befriend all the players.

Practice Using All Weapons

Aside from the skills of each hero, you will also need to learn how to shoot your weapons. There are a lot of weapons in Omega Legends, and each of them requires a specific proficiency.

Omega Legends - How To Get Free Gold Coins
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The shotgun is commonly used for short-range fights, while sniper rifles are used to assassinate players from afar. Please get to know all of these weapons by practicing them in the game.

Get yourself familiarized with all the weapons in the game and what they do so you will know how to use them yourself when the time comes.

Spend Your Gold For Upgrades

Upgrading your weapon is as important as learning to use them. Use the resources that you have collected from playing the game.

Yes, this means spending all of your hard-earned rewards to make your weapons stronger and more accurate. There is a reason why I wanted you to focus on a main character in the game. This is the character that you will be spending your resources on.

There won't be many resources to use, so make sure that you use them on a character that you like to play with. If you spend these resources on weapon upgrades, you will notice the difference in power.

Plan Before Dropping

Communication is key to winning a match with your squad. Notice that you usually have no strategy to win the game when you are playing with random players.

Omega Legends - How To Get Free Gold Coins
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This is the reason why I always want to talk to my teammates right before dropping in. The map in Omega Legends is relatively small for 60 players, and fights can happen immediately upon landing.

With that in mind, talking to your squad about where you want to land is crucial, so all of you will drop in the same location at the same time. This helps protect yourself from getting ambushed.

Always talk to your squad about your plans. What's even better is giving them a head's up on what you want to do even before you queue for the game. Tell them what your plans are and how you want to win the game, so all of you are on the same page when you play.

Always Look At The Map

As I've mentioned before, the map is relatively small. There's only a small breathing room for you and your squad once you land. The shrinking safe zone further aggravates this.

Always look at the map whenever you are moving towards the safe zone. The map slowly shrinks even further, and going outside of the safe zone would only spell doom for your team.

The games won't tell you where the safe zone will be, so it is always good to look at the map regularly to check where your squad can relocate to safety.


Make sure to add your friends to the game and communicate properly. Play the main characters you like and apply all the tips you have given to you above to ensure more victories for you and your squad.

Omega Legends is currently available for download on mobile devices at the Google Play Store and the App Store.