Top Call of Duty Mobile YouTubers You Should Be Watching

It's raining Youtubers these days; every second guy calls himself a gaming content creator. And if you are a Call of Duty Mobile player that is looking for a good Youtuber that you can watch, and learn more about the game. Then you have come to the right place because we know these days finding good content creators is just like finding needle from hay, but don't worry; we have a list of Top 5 Call of Duty Mobile Youtubers that you can watch.



Elijah Jackson, a.k.a HawksNest is the best Call of Duty Mobile content creator. We started following him just a couple of months back and fell instantly in love with his videos. If you want to know everything about COD Mobile, then following him is more then enough.

He publishes informative COD Mobile videos, such as tips and tricks, gun guides, etc. Moreover, he will also give you sneak-peaks into the future update of the game.

HawksNest currently has around 400K YouTube Subscribers, but this hardworking 19-year boy from the USA deserves more love.


You must already be familiar with this name. iFerg just crossed over 1 Million Subscribers on Youtube and is the most popular Call of Duty Mobile Content Creator.

A few years back, this guy dropped his studies to be a full-time gaming content creator, and he shall never regret his decision. We started following him in 2018 when Rules of Survival, a popular mobile battle royale game, was released; he was so good that everyone used to call him a hacker.

Problems did come, but this guy never stopped. He became the number one player in Rules of Survival, Fortnite Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, and God knows how many other games. He might never call himself the best player, but we won't take a second more to give our verdict that he is the best COD Mobile player in the world.

iFerg is a nuke machine, he loves streaming, and this is why he left a professional gaming organization to be a full-time content creator. If you don't know about this guy, then you are missing on a lot of fun.


Noah rose to instant fame via Rule of Survival (a mobile battle royale game like PUBG Mobile released in 2017). He was so good in Rules of Survival that he killed even the hackers in the game, if you don't believe us there are videos on Youtube, watch them.

In Call of Duty Mobile, Noah is undoubtedly one of the best players in the game. He live-streams regularly as well as posts videos about the fresh content in the game.


If you like super aggressive gameplay, then you must watch Godzly. He uses SMGs all the time and actually knows how to use them in the best possible way. While you will find most of the other COD Mobile Livestreamers playing passively and go for nukes, this guy doesn't care; he will jump into the enemy side and clear them out.

If you also like using SMGs in COD Mobile and want to improve your gameplay. Then this is the guy you should be watching. He also live-streams and posts videos regularly.

His content is a little more fun than others, as they are always super tensed going for the nukes, Godzly, on the other hand, will read chats and engage more with the audience.


Call of duty mobile veterans will recognize this name; Jokesta was on the leaderboard in the early seasons well even today he is. Don't trust us? Then open your game and check out the leaderboard.

He is a grinder, and COD Mobile is no joke to him. He plays every match seriously and goes for the win. Jokesta has been playing the game since launch, and no doubt is one of the few players who has mastered the game. He knows all the fragging spots, every corner of the map. His movements skills are amazing; he goes like a flash and its really tough to take him down.

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So these were the Top 5 best Call of Duty Mobile Youtubers you should be watching to improve and learn more about Call of Duty Mobile. If we missed out on any name, don't forget to let us know in the comments section below.