Dead Zed by Not Doppler is Available for Pre-Registration

Hello Mobile Gamers, Not Doppler has started taking pre-registrations for its new mobile game 'Dead Zed'. This is a zombie shooting mobile game, you can pre-register for Dead Zed from the link given at the end of the post. Dead Zed is a First-Person Shooting (FPS) game where you play as a survivor of a zombie apocalypse. Now your objective in the game is to defend yourself by defeating the zombies coming near to you. You will be provided with the good set of weapons to fight against the zombies and to defend yourself. Have a look of the Dead Zed Game Trailer below.


The controls of the Dead Zed are well adapted according to the touchscreen devices. By sliding your finger on the right side of the screen you can set your weapon's aim, and on the left side of the screen, there are buttons available to shoot, use the sight and to change your weapon. You don't have to worry about moving as your character will always stay in the same place. and just keep on killing the zombies who are approaching you.

In each level of Dead Zed, you have to fight against the waves of zombies which are approaching you from the end of the street. By completing the levels you earn experience and money which you can use for unlocking new areas to play and to buy the new weapons and to upgrade the ones which you already have. Dead Zed offers to the players a perfect gameplay along with the good graphics and a lot of levels to complete. So Pre-Register for Dead Zed from the link given below.

Click here to Pre-Register for Dead Zed

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