Discover How to Play Granny Offline

There are only a few mobile horror games that offer a truly hair-raising experience. While they may be spine-chilling in their own right, I have yet to come across a true mobile horror experience that has terrified me with both aesthetics and thematics of the game until I encountered Granny. 


Granny is a game in its own league and not a lot of people have been exposed to this truly fantastic classic horror game. From its simple mechanics, outstanding gameplay, creepy atmosphere, a terrifying and relentless antagonist, there is so much to praise about this mobile game. 

If you are one of the players that have been addicted to playing this game, you might find yourself having to figure out how to beat the game before time runs out or want to know how to play Granny offline. I have discovered a few tips and tricks to help you win the game. Read on to learn more.

  • Granny's Home
  • Navigating Throughout the House
  • Beating Granny at Her Own Game
  • Collect Items that You Need
  • Find the Best Hiding Locations
Discover How to Play Granny Offline
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Granny's Home

Granny is a survival horror mobile game developed by DVloper where players need to escape the house alive while also being hunted down by the titular murderous Granny. 

Discover How to Play Granny Offline
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In this game, I have to find creative ways to get out from one room to another while also being quiet as ever, or else Granny will find me and you know what happens next. Every sound that I make could mean the end when Granny hears it so being quiet and careful is the true test of the game.

What I like about the game is that it takes advantage of its atmospheric nature and really immerses you into the experience. The building tension from the start of the game never ceases until your final escape. 

Fun, addicting, terrifying, and outstanding at the same time, Granny is one game that I never would have expected to be this great.

Downloading the Game

Granny is made available for all mobile devices including Android and iOS phones. The game is free to download and free to play, both online and offline. 

To download the game, launch either the Google Play Store or the App Store, depending on your device, and search for ‘Granny’ and tap ‘Install’ or ‘Get’.

The game will begin downloading. Once installed, you can play the game without any internet connection or mobile data.

Navigating Throughout the House

Moving around is quite easy as the controls of the game are very simple. Use the left controller on the screen to move around.

Discover How to Play Granny Offline
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If you want to look around, swipe the screen either from left to right or vice versa. 

I highly recommend that you get used to the controls first before moving around to play the game so you won't have any difficulties in playing the game.

Interact with Objects

Granny also allows you to pick up and interact with objects. When I go around an area, I notice that there is a small white dot on some objects. This is how I know that I can interact with that object.

If I want to pick up the item, a hand icon will appear at the top right corner of the screen. Tap the icon to pick up the item. You can also drop the item by tapping on the word ‘Drop’ at the bottom of the screen.

Beating Granny at Her Own Game

Granny is a survival horror game through and through and what I have noticed about the game is that it is played through sheer wit and creativity. 

Discover How to Play Granny Offline
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I had to think outside the box to complete different aspects of the game while also outsmarting Granny herself. 

To beat her at her own game inside her own home, there are some things that I have discovered in order to play the game better.

Here are some tips that I have gathered to help you escape Granny and complete the game as fast as possible.

Use Your Headphones

In almost every survival horror game, listening to your surroundings is an important aspect. Granny is no exemption as the game focuses more on keeping your noise down as much as possible to avoid catching her attention. This is why I suggest that you play the game with your headphones on.

Being able to hear Granny opening doors and saying different things while creeping through the hallways of the house will make it easier for players to know her location. 

You also get to hear all the noise you make as you move around the house so you can be more careful as well. The creaking noise that the floor makes also notifies you that Granny has been alerted and she is heading towards your location so you can hide.

Collect Items that You Need

As with any other survival horror game, you will need to pick up a lot of items that could help you survive the game. Certain items such as the padlock key, cutting pliers, master key, alarm code, screwdriver, hammer, cogwheel, shotgun, winch handle, and many other things are important items that you need to get along the way. 

Discover How to Play Granny Offline
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Other items are seemingly important but offer no value in the game so I highly suggest picking only those that you feel are needed for your game.

The most important decision that I had to make in the game is all about picking which items that I need. Keys are the priority as it allows me to go from one room to another easily. The keys also help me open drawers and doors to find the rest of the items that will ultimately help me get away from Granny.

Take note that there are only a few specific locations that you can drop items without causing any noise. If you are inside a safe location, drop the items that you don't need. It is always best to wait until you are inside a safe location to drop the items or run the risk of having Granny chasing you down to your death.

Grab the Pliers

Another item in the game that I find to be very important is the pliers. Most of the items in Granny can only be used once but pliers are always useful in dire situations

Pliers are used to cut the circuit box, unlock the front door, disable the alarm, and even use it to take off the fan which can give you access to another item in the game.

Make good use of the pliers and you will find them quite convenient to use as you move around the house. Once you have completed all the tasks above, you can drop the pliers at the safe location and carry another item with you.

Find the Best Hiding Locations

One thing to note when Granny starts chasing you is to immediately find a hiding spot and stay there until the coast is clear. I know that the game offers a good amount of stealth tactics but they can only get me so far. Knowing the best hiding locations in each area of the house is key to survival.

Discover How to Play Granny Offline
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Granny might be old and frail but she is relentless. She is going to chase you down but there are certain areas in the house that I discovered to be a good hiding spot just in case you get caught up. Narrow passageways and crawl spaces are areas that Granny can't go so take advantage of these spaces.

Another area that is good for hiding or avoiding Granny is the crawl space under the basement. Granny would just be staring at you - I know, creepy - as you crawl your way back up the bathroom. 

This is just one of the few areas in the house that will give you an ample amount of time to create distance between you and Granny.

Sometimes, Violence is Key

I am an advocate for anti-violence but if you are trapped in a corner or if Granny is blocking your way to safety then by all means choose violence and knock Granny out of her wits. There are a few items that can be used to knock her out or stun her for some time. When you hit her with these items, she will fall on the floor and you only have a few seconds to a few minutes to run away and find a good place to hide.

There are only two weapons that can knock Granny out and they're the crossbow or the shotgun. While the shotgun is far more difficult to acquire in the game, I suggest that you use it only when Granny is about to go in for the kill. The crossbow can be a good proxy for the shotgun but only if you don't have the shotgun with you.

You will also need to have a tranquilizer dart if you plan on using the crossbow so make sure to gather them or pick them up after you use it. Keep them in your inventory just in case you might need to use them again.


Granny is such a fun mobile game to play. I had a very good experience playing this fantastic game. 

With its creepy atmosphere, excellent graphics, and amazing gameplay, there is no doubt why Granny has reached millions of downloads ever since the game was released.