Anti - Latency Apps: Do they Work?

In the world of Mobile Gaming, getting a consistent ping is extremely necessary. Not everyone has the pleasure of hopping onto a WiFi connection and not worrying about their ping. Most mobile gamers play using 4G data, which can extremely inconsistent and also have a lot more packet loss than a WiFi connection. And that's where these Anti-Lag or Anti-Latency apps come into play. Let's see if they actually reduce Latency on a 4G or even WiFi connection.

What is Latency? Understand the concept.

Latency is the delay between an action done by the user and it actually having a effect in the game/app. It's also commonly known as Lag. Therefore, Latency should be kept to a minimum for optimal user experience. In a lot of cases, the player who has the better ping gets away with the win. So that makes us question, do these anti lag apps actually work? And more importantly, do they actually reduce your Latency?

OutFox: A Popular Anti-Lag App

Do Anti-Latency apps Work? Should You download one?

To summarize, yes anti-lag apps do indeed work to an extent. Do not hope for them to completely eliminate your ping. These apps only optimize your existing internet connection's ping. If your internet connection is giving performance everywhere, chances are that these apps will not help you much. You should consider reaching out to your ISP for that. However, if your internet connection performs well in one app (let's say YouTube), and doesn't in another (say, COD Mobile)... then you might be helped a lot by these apps.

Anti Latency app potentially improving ping by over 200%

How do these apps work?

Most of these Anti Latency Apps work with the help of DNS Prefetching. A DNS server contains a database of public IP addresses and their associated hostnames. In constantly evolving gaming servers, these addresses and hostnames change constantly and hence the default DNS server may not always provide the ideal latency. So here is where the DNS Prefetching does it's job. While you're playing a game or browsing the internet, these apps constantly scan for the best available DNS server and hence keep your Latency as low as possible. After trying out a lot of these apps, we can recommend Net Optimizer as it not only reduces latency, but doesn't compensate a ton of internet speed in doing so.

So that will be all for this post. We hope these apps reduce your latency so you keep clutching out those wins! For more articles revolving around mobile gaming, stay tuned with Mobile Mode Gaming.