XCOM 2 to hit iOS on November 5th

Iconic turn-based tactics video game developed by Firaxis Games, XCOM 2 is finally receiving its mobile port on November 5th. The current mobile port will be for iOS exclusively although the developers have hinted at an Android version for next year. XCOM 2 Mobile will be a complete port with the same content as the PC and Console versions with a bundle of new content. The game will also come with the 2017 DLC “War of The Chosen” pre-packed into the game. 


XCOM 2: Gameplay & Features:

In XCOM 2, Earth has been overrun by aliens and it’s up to you to save it. You need to recruit a global team of resistance fighters in order to do so. You do this through tactical manoeuvres and gameplay expansions. The campaign is challenging and a rather long one. The difficulty setting changes a lot of elements in the game and thus with each difficulty setting, the game feels refreshingly new.

The DLC War of the Chosen, which comes pre-packed in the iOS version has added some huge features. These include the tough & challenging boss battles along with three factions the player can unite with and shape the story of the game.

Pricing, Compatibility & Previous Platform Reviews:

It'll cost $24.99 on the iOS app store and will support playing on any iPhone released after the iPhone X, any iPad Pro released after 2017, and any non-pro iPad released after 2019. This makes this game on the more expensive side of mobile games. That being said, it’ll not have any in-app purchases or ads. This one-time payment will bring all the content of the game without any further payments.

Previously, the game has mostly received positive accolades along with all the platforms it has released in. It has a 9/10 rating on Steam, 83/100 on Google Reviews and 3.8/5 on Amazon. This makes this iOS port promising as a successful title is getting an authentic port. That’ll be all for this post folks! For more awesome gaming news content, keep in touch with Mobile Mode Gaming.