Legends Of Runeterra: Fifth Landmark Revealed - The University Of Piltover

Legends of Runeterra is a strategic card game inspired by the game of League of Legends. The game requires the players to choose various cards from 24 character cards, with each card representing a particular champion character associated with a particular advantage in fighting a battle.


The game encourages the players to use their skills to make a perfect deck in fighting enemies and play a major part in allying with friends. There are various regions in the game from where different cards are obtained.

The next expansion of the game, Monuments of Power, which is releasing soon, is associated with the release of new landmarks. A landmark represents a particular card that changes the entire strategy in the game and has a lot of importance on the battlefield.

Riot Games has revealed the next landmark on Twitter. The landmark is from Piltover and Zaun, The University Of Piltover. The epic landmark replaces our previous deck of cards with random fleeting cards discarded after each turn. It is the most random landmark that has been revealed, after The Howling Abyss. The landmark effect is less significant on paper, but it has potential merit in an entire deck in-game.

The University of Piltover is associated with the rolling of the discard engine faster, thus preventing any interaction after the beginning of a new turn. The Jinx thus levels up by rewarding new potential cards after each turn. The landmark is even faster than the Augmented Experimenter. The University of Piltover is a card draw that can be used constantly, unlike the Augmented Experimenter, which draws only three cards simultaneously and is a one time effect.

Throwing light towards the disadvantages of the University of Piltover is completely random. It delivers either useful cards or useless cards that do not produce any damage to the enemies. Another factor is the discarding property of the fleeting cards preventing them from being kept for future use.

It is also not a 3/3 unit and thus does not deal with a 3 point damage to the enemy. The assignment of a position to the University of Piltover in the deck is a tough job. Only a real player can explore the deck's position by keeping in mind its disadvantages and advantages.

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