Legends Of Runeterra: Sixth Landmark - Noxkraya Arena Revealed

Legends Of Runeterra, the strategic card game, is set to reveal the Monuments Of Power's expansion. The game is all about the players building their perfect deck of cards, each associated with various characters and advantages, serving a major role in the battlefield. The last landmark before the expansion has been released today. It is from Noxus, Noxkraya Arena, as revealed by Riot Games.

Landmarks are basically new types of cards that have major characteristic advantages in-game. The epic five-mana landmark, Noxkraya Arena, enables the striking of the player's strongest unit with the weakest enemy base, thus immediately impacting the board with the player's assumption already having units that he/she can take advantage of them. Thus, it is more consistent than the University Of Piltover and The Howling Abyss.


Noxkraya Arena pushes forward the potential Noxus Midrange strategies, as combating at the end of each turn does not require much mana because of Noxus Aggro. The disadvantage of this landmark of Noxkraya Arena is the conditional removal of its persistent effects, forcing the players to keep playing until they get the resources required to stop the landmark's effects. The conditional removal includes Culling Strike, Noxian Guillotine, etc.

Having higher points and stats on board against the enemies, the players can threaten them by removing puny units and playing strong by using valuable units of their deck like Ezreal, Lulu, etc.

The enemies will not be able to add any more cards in their deck due to the unique Noxkraya property of its limited time of activation and effect. Thus the players can get the upper hand in the battle by champion characters in their decks like Lee Sin, which they can use if the opponent tries to add barriers in the battle, thus giving an easy win.


But if the enemy deck has more powerful characters with a property of regeneration, then the arena's advantage will soon be turned into a weakness. Thus, it is very important to plot the timing during which the players activate the card to win! Building an analogy with the League of Legends, one more champion is left to join the Monuments Of Power – Shyvana, thus leaving Riven, Zoe, and Victor as the very last champions which will come in the December expansion release.

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