Paytm Mini App Store Launched For Indian Developers As Alternative To Google Play Store

Some time back, Google removed the Paytm app from Play Store for policy violations, but later it was sorted among the two giants. Also, last month, Google also announced to enforce a 30% fee for the apps on Google Play that are not using its billing system. This resulted in developers and entrepreneurs demanding for an App Store alternative to Google Play Store.


As a move towards finding an alternative, Paytm launched the 'Paytm Mini App Store' within the digital payments app. This mini-app store is slightly different from other as instead of giving native apps and developer tools, Paytm Mini App Store host links to Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). These are light apps and run within a Web browser without installation.

Paytm's press release says that Mini App Store is designed to help small Indian businesses and developers to set up easy-to-build and low-cost apps using Javascript and HTML. These apps open in a window inside the Paytm App itself. Also, listing apps to the mini-app store is free.

Paytm also aims to provide free payment avenues, including Paytm Payments Bank, Paytm Wallet, and UPI to the developers. It should also be noted that there will be a 2% extra charge for payments made using credit cards. For developers, Paytm has also provided a dashboard for analytics, payment collections, and various marketing tools to engage with users.

For some time, the Mini App Store was in beta testing in India, and now more than 300 apps based service providers have already listed themselves. These are expected to make their way to the Mini App Store soon.

You can access the Paytm Mini App Store in your Paytm App. Go to the home page and click on Show More -> Mini App Store from the pop-up menu. The portal allows users to direct access, use, explore, and make payments on the apps, without any downloads and installs.