Call of Duty Mobile: Top 10 Multiplayer Mode Tips and Tricks

Call of Duty Mobile is breaking various records in terms of downloads and has already surpassed many popular titles like Pubg Mobile. Especially after the ban of Pubg Mobile in India, many players are joining the COD Mobile Community, but they don't have much idea about game mechanics.

Such players need not get disappointed if they are not winning matches in COD Mobile, because, for them, we are here with Top 10 Beginners Tips and Tricks of Call of Duty Mobile, which will not only help them improve their skills but also push them towards what we call a 'Pro Player.'  


Call of Duty Mobile Beginners Guide:

Use Advance Shooting Mode

Advance Shotting Mode not only allows you to customize your control but also helps you choose how each different weapon class should work. You can select the ADS option, which automatically opens your scope and start shooting as soon as you tap the fire button, or choose Hip Fire, which is used for shooting without opening the scope (recommended only for experienced players). You can also set a mix of both of these options for each weapon class. Such as you can choose ADS for sniper and Hip Fire for shotguns.

Always Watch the Mini-Map

As a beginner, this is very important for you to learn. And the sooner you learn the habit of keeping an eye on the mini-map, the better it is for you. The Mini-Map map not only helps you get to know your teammate's location but also helps you locate your enemies in the game.

Whenever your enemies shoot, or your teammate spots them. They will appear as a red dot on your mini-map. And once you know their location, you take them down easily, right?


Never Stay Still

Many new players do not move while they are shooting at the enemies, and this is the wrong way of taking the gunfight; you should always keep moving while shooting because it will make it hard for your enemies to aim at you.

If you are taking gunfights, you should always move left to right (Giggle) or jump or use prone while shooting as it increases your chance of winning that gunfight.

Use Dead Silence

In Call of Duty Mobile, there are three types of perks, i.e., Red, Green, and Blue. You can choose the Red and Green perk according to your gameplay or requirement, but you should always use Dead Silence in your Blue perk.


Dead Silence perk is the most reliable perk among all the blue perks as it eliminates your movement, jump, and slide noise, and now your enemies cannot hear where you are coming from - giving you an extra edge!

Upgrade your weapon

In Call of Duty Mobile, there are approximately 50+ different attachments for every gun categorized into 9 class, i.e., Muzzle, Barrel, Optic, Stock, Perk, Laser, Underbarrel, Ammunition, and Rear Grip. You can unlock these attachments with weapons cards, which you can get through rewards.

Make sure to upgrade your weapon to the fullest level and use the best attachments to make it insane so that you can easily take down the enemies.

Play Aggressive

Call of Duty Mobile is a very fast-pace game, unlike PUBG Mobile or any other similar game. There is no point in camping in a spot for the entire game. Spawns will flip, enemies UAV's will reveal your position and whatnot. So you should go out and take down the enemies where they spot you and take you out. Also, by playing Aggressive, you will learn the game much more quickly.

Always use Slide in corners

Sliding is very beneficial in Call of Duty Mobile. Sliding in corners is unpredictable as many times, players are waiting for you to pass through the door and kill you, and thus sliding is a fantastic decision. It now only helps you dodge the pre aim of enemies and gives you time to aim at enemies' position. So next time, slide through those corners and surprise your enemies.

Also, if you could use the slide-jump combo walking around the corners, it's the best! But it can take a little practice. And yes, you will require at least three finger claw for it.

Don't Reload, Use Secondary Weapons

Many time while you are fighting with your enemies, your gun get on reload. Then your character starts to reload in front of your enemy, and you die. In such situations, what you really need to do is instead of reloading your primary weapon, you can quickly switch to your secondary weapon, i.e., pistol, and kill your enemies.

Grenades are Pretty Useful

There is no time to throw a grande during a gunfight but what you can do is throw a grande towards the enemy side as soon as you spawn; it may get you a free kill. You can also set up Trip Mine in the corners where your enemies cannot see it, and as soon as they pass through the mine, Boom, they are dead; this is an effortless and efficient way to kill your enemies.

Choose Scorestreaks Wisely

Scorestreaks are very important in the game, as it helps not only you but also your teammates too. Choose scorestreaks as per your gameplay; if you like to play aggressive, then you must keep small scorestreaks such as UAV, Counter UAV, Hunter Killer Drone, etc. but you may die often. And if you don't play aggressively and score high without dying, then you can keep big scorestreaks such as XS1 Goliath, Vitol, Cluster Strike, etc.

Hopefully, these Beginners Call of Duty Mobile Tips and Tricks help you become a pro player in the game. So that's it for this post, stay tuned with MobileModeGaming for all the latest COD Mobile news and updates. And do let us know in the comment section if you want some more advanced tips and tricks of COD Mobile.

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