What is a Drop Shot in Call of Duty Mobile?

If you are an experienced Mobile Gamers who have played Multiplayer action-shooter games, then you probably already know everything about drop shots, and we have no idea what you are doing here! But if you are new to competitive mobile gaming or maybe just to Call of Duty Mobile and wondering what exactly is Drop Shot in the game. Then don't worry because you have come to the right place today we will not only tell you about Drop Spots but teach you how to drop shot and win gunfights in COD Mobile. So let's Begin:


What is a Dropshot?

Don't even try googling it, until and unless you want to read some science. In gaming sense, Drop Shot is a technique in which a player drops to the prone position while firing their weapon, throwing the enemy off as the opponent is less exposed.

What is the Benefit of Dropshot in COD Mobile?

During a gunfight, your opponent usually aims and shoots around your chest area; by performing a drop shot, you suddenly go to prone positions, which means your opponents will now miss many bullets, and he will have to bring his aim long way down to hit you.

Furthermore, while firing the gun's recoil makes it go upwards; thus, it will become very tough for your opponent to control the recoil and bring the aim down over you. Thus, in short, drop shooting gets you some extra time so that you can save yourself and kill the opponent.

How to Counter Drop Shots?

But obviously, you won't be the only one who knows the technique. Your opponents might also try to drop shot. To counter it, you can simply use the jump button. As soon as the enemy drop shots, his aim also moves from the chest area to your legs. Thus you can use this opportunity by simply jumping and killing him. If possible, jump and move to either of the sides or even behind him so that you can shoot the enemy, but he can't.

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So let's keep this post short. Hopefully, you learned everything about drop shots in call of duty mobile; if you still have any questions, drop them out in the comments section below.