Dawn Awakening Is Tencent's Upcoming Mobile Game

Tencent has promised to bring up a new open-world game, Dawn Awakening. The game's beta version is delivered by Lightspeed & Quantum Studios in China this month on 16th September. The upcoming game by Tencent is supposed to be a survival mode gaming in a real-life living world.


With the combination of survival and open world, it is supposed to be one of the most realistic mobile games to be ever built. Many players even think that the game by Tencent can even outdate PUBG. The most important and eye-catching feature of the game is going to be the real-time weathering conditions. 

As a survival mode of gaming, Dawn Awakening is supposed to have many weapons, different raw materials for building up structures to live in. Open world games always have their own advantage, with a lot of landscape and area to explore it takes a lot of time for oneself to be bored with the game.

More About Dawn Awakening:

Dawn Awakening is an upcoming open-world survival game. It seems to have a lot to offer in terms of artillery and will bring out the best survival skills. With a lot of danger adhering to the forest or the map they'll provide, it's all about surviving till the end. It is also said to have many cooking recipes that will help in the game's survival challenge. Typical weather conditions like sandstorms, acid rain, snow will make it harder to be alive. Thus, making the game more challenging.

With a lot of raw materials provided in the game, players will customize their own estate and live in that. Many customization options will be available, making the house or the roof under which players will live more sophisticated and cozy.

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