Free Fire 3rd Anniversary Peak Day (23 August) Rewards: Free Character, Bermuda Remastered & Much More

Free Fire is celebrating the completion of 3 years as a battle royale game available on mobile. As a celebration of that, certain in-game events are live that provides you with various anniversary exclusive rewards for free. As you know, every major event of the Free Fire comes with a peak and some rewards for you to collect.


But the current 3rd-anniversary event's peak will bring a lot of free rewards for you; after all, it is Free Fire's birthday. The peak day of the Free Fire 3rd anniversary event is 23rd August 2020. Below we have explained all the rewards you can get on the Peak day.

Free Permanent Character

Currently, we are being given 7-day trial cards of different characters in the game. These are given for completion of Exploration Missions in the Time Tunnel lobby. Apart from the seven-day trials of these 26 characters, you will get to claim one of them absolutely for free for a permanent duration.

To get the Free character, just log in to Free Fire on 23rd August 2020. Head to Events -> 23/8 3rd Anniversary -> Claim A Free Character! Tab and unlock your preferred free character. You can check out the 26 characters list here. We have four names for you: Jota, or Joseph, or Moco, or Notora, rest is your choice.

With 3rd anniversary peak day, Kelly will be getting a new friend named Hayato "Firebrand". After Elite Kelly, brand new Elite Hayato is making its way. It comes with a special ability called 'Art of Blades' that reduces frontal damage by 40% to 60% for 6 seconds and has a cooldown period of 50 seconds.

You can get the Elite Hayato for free on the 23rd August, 2020 (peak day). From the list of 26 characters, you can choose Hayato and get it for free. After that, use the Awakening Shard about which we have discussed below.

Free Awakening Shard

After playing a match on the 23rd August 2020, you will be rewarded with an 'Awakening Shard'. It can be used to awaken the Elite characters of the game. As of 23rd August 2020, there will be two Elite characters: Kelly & Hayato.

How To Use Awakening Shard & Awaken Hayato?

To awaken the Hayato character, go to 'Characters' section accessible through the left side of the home screen. Select the Hayato character and click on 'Awaken' option on the left. After that, certain missions will appear on your screen that you need to complete. Each mission will reward you with 125 fragments of character that will help you in unlocking Hayato's exclusive bundle.

When equipped with the outfit, he will be able to perform his special moves on the starting island. This special bundle combines with the awakening shard will awaken his character.

5x Blue Chips

We all are collecting as many Blue Chips as possible to use them in the Capsule Store for getting anniversary exclusive rewards. Currently, there is a limit of 5 Blue Chips maximum in a day, and you get 1 Blue Chip after every match. On peak day (23rd August), every match will get you 5 Blue Chips, and there will not be any maximum limit. Play as many matches as you can. [Note: You can play any game mode]

Time Tunnel 3rd Anniversary Milestone

All the players are completing the Time Tunnel milestone that covers various memories of Free Fire by collecting Time Tokens. The milestones end at the 3rd Anniversary that will reward you with Hand of Victors bat skin. On the peak day, we will be able to easily reach this milestone by collecting the 5x Blue chips mentioned above.

Bermuda Remastered Full Release

The new version of 'Bermuda' map called 'Bermuda 2.0' or 'Bermuda Remastered' has started been rolling out in the game from 13th August. Its made available in the Clash Squad only with two playable zones: Aden's Creek and Academy. After completing the 2nd-anniversary milestone, on 19th august Nurek Dam zone unlocked. Finally, on 22nd August, the full Bermuda 2.0 (Remastered) map will be released with the unlocking of the last zone 'Samurai's Garden Zone'.

Cube Fragment - Aftermatch Drop

On the peak day, after every match, you can grab magic cube fragments. It can go up to 100 magic cube fragments, and apart from that, you also get Character Fragments (x3), Gold Coins (x3), and Exp. (x3) after every match.

Alok In 199 Diamonds

It must be the most exciting news for the players that, with the 3rd Anniversary of Free Fire, players can grab the fan-favorite character 'DJ Alok' at the discounted price of 199 diamonds only. It is not only the celebration of the 3rd Anniversary, even the character is having its birthday on 26th August 2020. So its celebration of both occasions.

Friends Call Back

From peak day itself, the Friend Call Back event will also be live as a part of the Web Event. In this event, you have to send a link to the players to make a comeback to the game. The only condition is player must not have made a login to the game in the last 7 days.

All Modes Unlocked

The memory milestone in Time Tunnel event cannot be completed without going through some favorite modes of the game. No matter which type of combat you are looking for, this peak day will definitely be your moment to shine as all 13 special modes of the game will be made available: Big Head, Explosive Jump, Cold steel, Night hunter, Rampage, Fully Charged, Spray and Pray, Rush Hour, Kill Secured, Bomb Squad, Team Death Match, Gun King 2.0, Rampage 2.0.

If it isn't enough for you, some surprises can also be expected from the developers on the 3rd Anniversary. Also, If you are looking for permanent members to join your team, become a part of our initiative.

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