Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time Is An Action RPG Released For iOS

Adult Swim Games have finally released their new venture SAMURAI JACK: BATTLE THROUGH TIME across all major platforms. Play as a warrior named Jack, whose main mission is to stop the evil reign of Aku. The game has exclusively been released for mobile devices that support iOS and have access to Apple Arcade.


Samurai Jack is a high-end game. It is inspired by the series of the same name and offers a lot in terms of story. There are animated visuals involving the main characters and amazing voice-overs. The game is also an epic finale between Samurai Jack and Aku, who have been foes. 

If you are familiar with the show, you will be able to spot characters like Sir Rothchild and the Scotsman. The game also borrows elements like time and space to make it more interesting. The unique gameplay adds another value to Samurai Jack. Killing enemies with the katana, the extravagant graphics, and easy combat mechanics hold this game together. 

The transition from cinematics to gameplay is flawless. You can also purchase weapons, talk to NPCs, complete quests in multiple ways, and more. The characters are designed well have great development too. Similarly, music plays an important role in different stages of gameplay. There are a variety of locations and enemies the player will encounter. The engrossing story will surely determine a better replay value.

As mentioned, the game is available on iOS so it can be installed from App Store. You need Apple Arcade access in order to play this game. The game needs a minimum of 5 GB space. It is also recommended to have good graphics. If you face graphical spikes, try lowering the resolution. The developers will update the game in the coming days with respect to optimization issues. If you like action RPG games, you should definitely check out SAMURAI JACK: BATTLE THROUGH TIME.

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