Free Fire 3rd Anniversary Web Event: How To Collect Unique Chips To Complete?

Free Fire is about to complete its 3 years and celebrating its 3rd anniversary through the in-game event. As mentioned, the Web Event section has unlocked today. You have the time between 19th august 2020 and 30th August 2020 to complete this event and collect various rewards available for free.


The Web Event can be accessed from the left bottom of the Time tunnel Event lobby. After entering the Event Section, click on the middle 'Event' button. In this event, you have to collect 9 different types of chips by making spins to get 3 rewards you choose.

The best thing about the event is, rewards are not imposed on you, rather you have the option to choose your preferred rewards from the number of options available. As you click on 'Event', you will be asked for three rewards that will be given you on reaching 3 different stages.

What Are The Rewards Option Available In Web Event?

Stage 3:

  • Bunny Maniac Bundle
  • Beach Lover Bundle
  • Lab Giant Bundle (Our pick)
  • Bunny Egghunter Bundle
  • Diamond Voucher (x3)

Stage 2:

  • Crystal Soul Backpack
  • The Hungry Pumpkin Backpack
  • Snowman Sidekick Backpack (Our pick)
  • Bunny Sidekick Backpack
  • Diamond Voucher (x2)

Stage 1:

  • Fiery Flames Surfboard (Our Pick)
  • Haunted Moon Surfboard
  • Snoman's Frenzy Surfboard
  • Egg Hunting Craze Surfboard
  • Diamond Voucher (x1)

After selecting and confirming the reward for all the 3 stages, you will be redirected to the event lobby. Here at the left side, you will get to see the three rewards you selected. In the middle, you get to see the option to spin. On the right side, there are 9 different colored unique chips shown that you need to get by making spins.

How To Make Spins & Collect Unique Chips In Web Event?

To make spins in Free Fire 3rd anniversary Web Event, first, you have to get spin chances by completing certain tasks. Each task gives you a spin chance. By making a spin, you stand a chance to get 1 out of 9 unique chips shown on the right side. There is no restriction on getting a duplicate of one, and it is most likely to happen.

How To Get Spin Chances In Web Event?

For getting spin chances in the Free Fire 3rd anniversary web event, you have to complete 4 daily missions. After completing the tasks, click on 'Get Spin Chances' to claim your chances. The tasks include:

  • Daily Login
  • Play 1 Game
  • Play 3 Games
  • Play 6 Games

How To Get Rewards In Web Event?

By making spins, you collect 9 unique chips shown at the right side. If you collect 3 chips, you get the Stage 1 reward (Surfboard) you selected. If you receive 6 unique chips, you get the Stage 2 reward (Backpack) you selected. In the last, if you collect all 9 unique chips, you get the Stage 3 reward (Bundle) you selected.

It is highly unlikely that you get all the unique chips by making spins only. Because you also get duplicate of them, so not necessary to get all of them by spins. To deal with this, you can use the 'Ask' and 'Give' button available at the right side to give extra and take missing Unique Chips.

How To Ask For Unique Chips to A Friend?

To ask a friend for a missing chip, click on the 'Ask' button at the right bottom. Select the missing chip you want and click on 'Ask.' Now an image will popup up on your screen; it is the request for the chip. You need to share its screenshot with your friends through any external sharing method i.e., Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

How To Give Unique Chips To A Friend?

To give a friend your duplicate Unique Chip(s), click on the 'Give' button at the right bottom. Select the missing chip you want and click on 'Give.' Now an image will pop up on your screen with a code written on it. You need to share its screenshot with your friend through any external sharing method i.e., Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Your friend can claim the Unique chip by following the process mentioned below.

How To Claim Unique Chips Given By A Friend?

To claim a unique chip given by a friend, click on 'Enter Code.' Here you enter the code that has been shared by your friend. After entering the code, click on 'Confirm.' Now the extra chip gets deducted from the friend's account and gets credited in yours.

Apart from the Unique Chips collecting event, another event to Call Back Your Friends will be introduced in the game on 23rd August 202020 as a part of the same Web Event.

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