How To Get Mr. Waggor (Penguin) Pet In Free Fire? - 3rd Anniversary Top-Up Event

Free Fire is currently celebrating its 3rd anniversary in the game through an in-game event. Developers are giving a lot of rewards to players in the 3rd-anniversary event, starting from 13th August and will go on until 31st August 2020. In continuance of the anniversary celebration, an anniversary top-up event has made its way.


Free Fire's 3rd-anniversary top-up event, you can grab three free items, including the Mr. Waggor or so-called Penguine Pet. If you remember, we shared information about the pet before the release of the OB23 update. You can get this pet for free in the Free Fire's 3rd-anniversary celebration.

About Mr. Waggor Pet & Special Ability:

Mr. Waggor Pet looks similar to a Penguin that everyone finds cute. It would be a whole new experience to bring this cutie on the battlefield with you. The amazing thing is that it will also help you survive the battlefield by its special ability called 'Smooth Gloo.' Mr. Waggor's special ability lets him produce 1 Gloo Wall every [120/100/100] second, depending upon the level. But the condition is player should have less than [1/1/2] gloo wall grenades in his backpack.

How To Get Mr. Waggor Pet For Free In Free Fire?

In continuance of the 3rd year anniversary celebration event, the Free Fire 3rd anniversary top-up event has introduced to the game. The event offers you three items to get for free: Mr. Waggor Pet, Maniacal Chainsaw Surfboard, and Rapper Throttle Motor Bike skin. You get all of these items on the top-up of diamonds.

Now you would say, how is it free if we have to top-up diamonds? The answer is, you just need to top-up diamonds in your account and do not need to spend a single diamond to get any of these items. If you top-up 200 diamonds, you get Mr. Waggor Pet; If you top up 500 diamonds, you get Maniacal Chainsaw Surfboard, and if you top-up 1000 diamonds, you get Rapper Throttle Motor Bike skin.

To get the Mr. Waggor pet for free, you have to top-up 200 diamonds in your account between the event period from 19th August to 28th August 2020. To get all the items, you do not need to make three separate top-ups, you can make a single top-up of 1000 diamonds and get all the items for free. You can claim these items from the Events -> 3rd Anniversary tab.

You can do Top Ups from Top Up section of Free Fire. But to add something more extra to these extra rewards, we have another option for you. You can Get 100% Diamond Top-Up Bonus In Free Fire Using Games Kharido. So if you top-up for 200 diamonds, you get 400, if you top-up for 500 diamonds, you get 1000, and if you top-up 1000 diamonds, you get 2000 diamonds.

We recommend you to go with 100% Diamond Top-up Bonus option and top-up with 1000 diamonds. By doing this, you will be able to get Mr. Waggor Pet, Maniacal Chainsaw Surfboard, and Rapper Throttle Motor Bike skin for free, and apart from these, you get 2000 diamonds in your account that can be used for purchasing various in-game items.

So make your suitable amount of top-up right now in the game before Free 3rd Anniversary Top-Up Event ends on 28th August 2020. After the event ends, you will get to see the pet in the store with a price tag of 699 diamonds; now it is up to you to get it now or later.

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