Free Fire OB23 Update: New Pet 'Penguin' Skill & Details

Free Fire OB23 update will be live by the end of July 2020, and like all other updates, it will also bring a lot of new features to the game. Through various posts, we shared details of upcoming features with the OB23 update. In this post, we are going to share details about the new pet 'Penguin,' which is another addition to the list.


Before every update on the global server, developers open Advance Server for players, where they can try out upcoming game features. To get access to the advanced server, players have to register themselves. Check out how to register and download OB23 Advance Server here.

Coming back to point, a new Penguin pet is being added to Free Fire with the OB23 update, and its name is going to be 'Mr. Waggor'. Like every pet, it will also come with a special ability to help you survive the battlefield. Its special skill is called 'Smooth Gloo' that gives you a gloo wall from time to time.

At Level 1, Mr. Waggor produces 1 gloo wall every 120 seconds, and at level 2, Mr. Waggor produces 1 gloo wall every 100 seconds. For both the levels the condition is, you do not have any gloo wall grenade in your backpack. At maximum Level 3 if you have less than 2 gloo wall grenades, then only it produces a gloo wall for you.

The new pet is going to be a great addition to Free Fire Pet's family. You can check out more details about the Free Fire Pets here.

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