PUBG Mobile: How To Get '2gether we play' Title Easily

So you have seen players with '2gether we play' Title, and it looks cool to you. Do you want it too? It's super easy! And today in this post we are going to teach you the same, yes in this post we are going to share with you How to get '2gether we play' in PUBG Mobile quickly. So let's begin:


So first of you should know that to get '2gether we play' Title, you need to have ten total puzzle pieces.

You Need Tokens

How to get tokens?

  1. At start the game, you start with 2 token. Don’t waste them in spawn island at start of the game.
  2. Every dead bot gives you a token, so loot their crate.
  3. Every dead real player gives you two tokens provided they have not used theirs yet. If they have collected more from bot / real players etc, one can get more than 2 tokens.
  4. Every slot machine by default has two tokens spawn in front of them. You need to the first one to reach the machines.

Now, Find a machine that redeems the tokens.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. Not every slot machine can redeem Puzzle Pieces.
  2. Using tokens in the machine, you will get multiple things, like guns, attachments and puzzle pieces.

Claim Your '2gether we play' Title via the 2nd Anniversary Event.

Once you have all the 10 puzzle pieces. Go to 2 Anniversary Event. Its in events that slid out in right bottom corner. > Open the event > left side corner > lucky something lol > Collect the title.