Shadow Fight Arena Soft Launched: Here is How To Download and Play

Nekki is one of the most popular mobile game developers known mostly for its Vector and Shadow Fight Game series. Early this year, they revealed little information about their upcoming team-based fighting game Shadow Fight Arena. A gameplay trailer was also published, which made things clear that it's another action-packed game like other titles developed and published by Nekki.


What is Shadow Fight Arena?

Unlike any previous Shadow Fight games, the Shadow Fight Arena will be an entirely PvP focused mobile game. The game will feature 3v3 team-based fights. The players will have an option to choose three characters to form their team and then enter in a real-time battle against another such team. What I personally like about Shadow Fight Arena is that it is entirely based on player skill - you are a good player, your chances of winning are quite high, and there is no stupid perk system to give someone an advantage.

Shadow Fight Arena Soft-launched

Now talking about the news - Shadow Fight Arena has been quietly soft-launched in Canada. If you are residing in Canada, then you are in luck, because you can now simply download Shadow Fight Arena from Google Playstore and have fun. But if you live outside Canada and still interested in playing the game, don't worry because all you need in Shadow Fight Arena APK and a VPN.

Download and Play Shadow Fight Area

As mentioned above, you can now play Shadow Fight Arena from anywhere in the world. Follow these steps to know-how.

  1. Download & install uptodown App.
  2. Open the App and Search for 'Shadow Fight Arena'.
  3. Download the APK of Shadow Fight Arena.
  4. Download Any VPN & Connect to Canada. (We Recommend UFO VPN)
  5. Now open the game and enjoy playing.

Note: You will have to keep the VPN on and connect to Canada all the time you are playing. If you close the VPN, the game will crash.

When will Shadow Fight Arena Globally Release?

As of now, Nekki has not announced an exact date of release. But according to the rumors, Shadow Fight Arena is expected to launch globally by the end of this year.

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