PUBG Mobile Season 15: New Gun M1014 Leaked

The latest beta version of PUBG Mobile has been released, and Erangel 2.0 has taken away all the spotlight, but luckily we were looking in the dark and therefore we came across a new weapon which will be coming in Season 15 of PUBG Mobile.


Every season the developers of PUBG Mobile release at least a new weapon in the game, in Season 14 the new P90 SMG was officially added in the Livik Classic Map, now in Season 15, a new gun called 'M1014' will be released. We are sure you are already thinking whether it will be an assault rifle or SMG, but here is a surprise for you all - It will neither be an AR nor SMG.

According to sources, this all-new upcoming classic mode weapon will be a Semi-Automatic Shotgun. The M1014, which is officially known as Benelli M4 Super 90 is a weapon originated from Itlay. The weapon is sharp and long. It has a double muzzle, and it will most probably shoot double shots like the legendary DBS shotgun.

We are guessing it will be pretty much similar to SK12 Shotgun, which we already have in the game. M1014 will use the 12 Gauge Ammo, and its length is approximately 470 mm. The range of the gun will be somewhere around 50 Meter radius.

It is important to note that as of now the developers have not officially confirmed the release of M1014 in Season 15, but since it is already available in the beta version, so we are guessing if everything goes right, players will see this new weapon in the global version of the game sometime in September when Season 15 arrives.

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