Brawl Stars Season 2 End, Season 3 Start & Trophy Reset System

Brawl Stars started introducing seasons in the game with its May 2020 update. The first season (Tara's Bazaar) made its way to the game on 13th May 2020 and lasted until 6th July 2020. After that, the second season (Summer of Monsters), which is currently live, made its way on 6th July 2020.


With the introduction of seasons in the game, Supercell also introduced Brawl Pass. It has been introduced to reward players with various items as they proceed through the game. To get the rewards out of Brawl Pass, players have to collect tokens that unlock rewards, including gems, power points, and boxes.

The tokens can be collected by playing matches and completing the Small, Medium, and Large Quests that reward you with 100, 250, and 500 tokens. There are 70 tiers for you to achieve in Brawl Pass; after that, you get a Big Box for every 500 tokens received. Now you have understood the Brawl Pass and Season Method and must be wondering for a fresh start from the next season.

Brawl Stars Season 2 End Date:

After starting from 6th July 2020, the Brawl Stars Season 2 is scheduled to end on 14th September 2020. So you have the time until 14th September to reach 70 tiers of Brawl Pass to collect various rewards. The Season 2 has also brought a new brawlers surge into the game. Apart from that, you can also unlock exclusive skins: Super Ranger Brock and Mecha Paladin Surge; and the exclusive Pins for Surge and Mecha Paladin Surge.

Brawl Stars Season 3 Start Date:

We are at 2nd Season in Brawl Stars, and from the end of Season 1 we can see that the new season starts the same day the end of the previous season. Hence the release date of Brawl Stars Season 3 is 14th September 2020. The new season will also bring various new rewards and a brand new Brawl Pass.

Trophy Reset System:

With the end of Season 2, Brawlers, with over 550 trophies, will lose a certain number of trophies. These lost trophies will be converted into Star Points that can be used for purchasing various items.

Brawler TrophiesTrophies After ResetStar Points Awarded

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