Brawlhalla Mobile Released Early In Selected Regions

Ubisoft announced earlier this month that they would be globally releasing the Brawlhalla Mobile on 6 August 2020. So why did we call you here today? The answer is that Brawlhalla Mobiles has released early on android, but only in certain regions of the world.


The information came across when a Reddit user from Australia posted that he can now download and play the game. Many of the other users also confirmed the same, while others said that it's still showing the Pre-Registration option in their region.

One of the Reddit users even said that he downloaded and installed the Brawlhalla Mobile using a VPN, and it's working just fine.

However, we strongly suggest that you don't download any APK from the 3rd Party sources or even try downloading the game using VPNs. If the developers are ready to release the game in your regions, then they will anyways release it on your local AppStore.

It is still unknown that the Brawlhalla Mobile version is now available to download in what all regions, so make sure to head over to Google Play or Apple Appstore to check if the Pre-Register button has changed to download for you.

And If Ubisoft has already started rolling out the game, it should be globally released in the next 2-3 days itself, and players will not need to wait for a long time.

Update 29th July | 12:30 AM: It looks like the game is only available in Australia.

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