Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Weapon Balance Changes

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 is coming next month, and it's going to be a massive update in the game, with that there will be a huge weapon balance changes in the game as some of your favorite weapons like Cordite, Artic 50, HBRa3, Ak117, and many more are getting nerfed, this is probably done because Gunsmith feature will be introduced in the next update as well via which you will get an option to customize your weapon using over 50+ attachments. next update as well via which you will get an option to customize your weapon using over 50+ attachments.


However, please keep in mind that this list Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Weapon balance changes is based on the test server and is not yet officially confirmed by the developers. There might be few changes when the actual update arrives.

List of Weapons getting Nerf:

HBRa3: First release in January 2020, it was called a pay-to-win weapon as you had to spend money to get it. But this season its free version finally got released, and players were really enjoying this gun. But it looks like that it will get a nerf as it's mid to long-range Damage will be decreased.

Cordite: The most amazing, the best weapon in the game until now, but wait it is also getting nerf as the Damage will be reduced from 24 per shot to 20 per shot in 10 meters, which means you will have to hit more bullets to kill your enemies.

Arctic-50: One of the best sniper rifles in the game that many players love in the game is also getting nerf as the ADS time of this weapon will become slower.

Ak117: The all-time favorite, which gets a nerf almost every season. And the legacy continues - the Damage per shot of the gun will be decreased from 20 to 18 per shot.

Man-0-War: This recoil control of this weapon is very tough, and that is the reason people don't use it so much, but it will be nerfed more in next season as its mag size will be reduced from 30 bullets to 20 bullets per mag.

ASM10: One of the versatile guns in the game is getting a little nerf as, after the update, the range of this gun will be reduced, and it's not going to be a viable gun in longer ranges.

HVK-30: The Damage per shot around 30 meters will be reduced from 23 to 18 per shot, which means the gun's damage will be lower than the SMG's in mid-range.

BY-15: The Rate of Fire for this gun will be decreased, and now it will take longer to shoot again after every shot.

MW11: It is for the first time that a secondary weapon is getting nerf as, after the update, the Rate of Fire of this weapon will be decreased.

SMRS: One of the best secondary weapons that kill your enemies and destroys enemy Scorestreaks. This secondary weapon is also getting nerf as the movement speed will be decreased and you will also not be able to slide with the launcher in hand.

List of Weapons getting Buff:

HG40: This weapon does not get as much popularity as other weapons do, but wait after the next update, it will get a huge buff as the damage per shot will be increased to 30 per shot within the 10-meter range.

MSMC: One of the most favorite weapons from Season 1 to Season 3 is back as the damage per shot will be buff from 24 to 25 per shot in close range, and hopefully, after the buff, it will be at the top of the game again.

CHICOM: The damage of this gun has increased from 25 to 34 per burst in close range, and now you can kill your enemies with only one burst, it may be the next pharo. But unfortunately, the Mag size of this weapon is reduced from 36 to 33 per mag.

GKS: The damage per shot will get a buff to 36 damage per shot up to the range of 20 meters. Looks like GKS will be the meta weapon in Season 9.

HS2126: Shotgun boom is coming as this weapon is getting a buff by which you can kill your enemies with one burst in close range, and even if you miss a shot of the burst, you can still kill your enemies if you hit the upper body.

STRIKER: The worst shotgun in the game, which is rarely seen but it is getting a buff, and the damage per shot will increase.

HS0405: Another shotgun getting a buff, it will have an increase in Rate of Fire.

M21 EBR: This sniper is getting a buff of increase in Headshot Multiplayer from 1.5x to 2x, which clearly means that the 60 body damage will be converted into 120 damage at the headshot, which means you can 1 shot your enemies with a semiautomatic sniper rifle which is kinda cool.

XPR-50: Same as M21 EBR, the Headshot Multiplayer will be increased from 1.5x to 1.7x, which gives you one shot to kill your enemies at a headshot.

LMG's: For LMG's there is a huge buff that all the LMG's present in the game will get a buff in terms of the recoil patterns.

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All we want to say is that Season 9 in Call of Duty Mobile is going to be the best in the game. The next update will also bring many weapon balance changes, as you can see from the list of above-mentioned buffs and nerfs list. It looks like the game is going to change completely.