Free Fire Level Up Shop Details: Is It Alternative of Mystery Shop 10.0

As reported by us earlier, Free Fire is expected to get Mystery Shop 10.0 today (24th July). Until now, we did not get it, but instead of that, another event called 'Level Up Shop' has introduced to the game. Has it been introduced in place of Mystery Shop, or is it a different event? Not known yet!


By looking at the details that we are going to share in this article, you will get the feeling of it being an alternative to the Mystery Shop 10.0. One unique thing about Level Up Shop is, it offers a maximum of 95% discount, unlike the 90% discount of Mystery Shop. Let's start with the current shop details to find out whether both are the same or not.

The Free Fire Level Up Shop is available in the game between 24th to 30th July 2020. As the name itself suggest, you need to level up until the third level. The levels can be named as Backpack, Emote, and Bundle. As you enter the shop, you find yourself on the first level (Backpack), and here you have to make a discount spin similar to Mystery Shop.

Whatever discount you get from the spin, is the discount you get into the shop on level 1. The main item of the shop on level 1 is the Murderous Amusement Backpack that you can purchase with the discount you got by spin. Apart from this, there are various other rewards available at a discounted price.

At level 1, you need to spend 100 diamonds to unlock level 2. You can buy anything you prefer from the shop. After unlocking the second level (Emote), you again get the chance to take a spin. This time, you will get an additional discount, which means it will be added with the level 1 discount.


When you enter the level 2 shop, you will notice that the shop items have been changed. It is something similar to Mystery Shop. In Mystery Shop, the items of the shop are changed based on your selection of either Male Bundle or Female Bundle. The main item of level 2 shop is Shimmy Emote.

In level 2 shop, you can purchase items at the extra discount as both level discounts have been accumulated here. To unlock the level 3 (Bundle), you need to spend a total of 300 diamonds (Level 1 + level 2). Similarly, before entering level 3 shop, you get to spin, which provides you an additional discount. So in level 3 shop, you get the accumulative discount of all levels.

The main reward of level 3 shop is Tiger Clubber Bundle. Apart from that, there are various other new rewards to buy at the discount price. But we say, there is one more main reward available in the level 3 shop and that is 'Elite Pass.' You can grab Elite Pass also on the discounted price. If you got a 95% discount, you could get it for just a few diamonds.

Now you must have understood how this Level Up Shop works. We have also seen a lot of similarities between the Mystery Shop and Level Up Shop, so there are very few chances to see Mystery Shop 10.0 in the game.

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