3 Link - A casual game that is mesmerizing in its own way

Many matching games in the market tend to follow a monotonous pattern, consisting of the same outlook and design, which is less interesting and repetitive. However, 3 Link decides to take a different approach. Developed by Onet Game, 3 Link has a variety of layouts and themes. Though it is easy to play, it can be challenging once you progress further. 3 Link is a refreshing take on the puzzle games since it is simple and eye-catching.


The game mechanic is simple. You just need to match similar blocks so that they disappear. The challenging part of the game is that there is a time limit for each level. As you move forward, you encounter different block objects at different levels. The block objects can vary from flowers and animals to delicious cakes and fruits. The background music of the game is soothing to hear. As you surpass a level, the game rewards you with stars. These stars unlock new levels and features.

Trailer for 3 Link

The game also has 2000+ levels and 20 different tile styles. Some more features include changing the image sets and shuffling the given block objects to find a match between them. You can get access to clues if you are stuck at a particular level. Moreover, these clues help you to find the remaining similar objects. If you run out of clues, you can get more of them by watching in-game advertisements.

Released on July 22, 3 Link is available only for Android. The game is currently free on Play Store. The game is both offline and online. It is a singleplayer game. It requires Android 5.0 and above. In addition, the game plans to offer more updates relating to bug fixes in the upcoming weeks. In conclusion, 3 Link is a perfect game for those who enjoy casual matching games with a handful pinch of colorfulness.