Endless runner Spirit Sprint is out now!

A rather serene looking new game, Spirit Sprint has finally come to the Google Play Store. It has been available on the App Store for a while. The game is simply about flowing through the wilderness as you shape-shift from animal to animal.

The highlight of the game is in its theme and stunning visuals. Offering colorful and bright backgrounds, making each realm seem magical and anew. Aiding the visuals is the dynamic and ever so relaxing music accompanying each environment.


An endless runner where you move through forgotten forests and meadows or carve through dangerous caves and mines, pierce the river streams, and flooded temples on your journey to freedom. This offers players with three unique types of gameplay, that dramatically change the game. Multiple powerups are available for players to pick up.

Collect coins and gather them to unlock new animals such as the Moorish idol, Toucan, and even a cute panda; trail styles and environment colors as you make progress. With all this keep track of your high score as you complete for the leaderboards and unlock a wide array of unlocks. Also, with a brand-new daily rewards system, where you could get new prizes each day.

The game is free to download but comes with in-app purchases.