Brawl Stars Season 2 'Summer of Monsters' - New Brawler Surge, New Skins, New Modes & Much More

The 'Summer of Monsters' is here. Season 2 of the Brawl Pass has brought in exciting updates along with a new brawler. The new season began on 6th July and would continue for ten weeks with 70 tiers to reach. The trophy road rewards have been extended to 50000 trophies.


The Party Brawler - Surge

Surge is the chromatic brawler brought in Season 2. His appetite for the party makes him fun to hang around with until he hits you with a "Juice of Justice," which yields damage of 1120. After inflicting the initial hit, the attack then splits into 2 projectiles that deliver half the initial attack's damage. 

His super attack is the "Party Tricks." It enables Surge to upgrade in 3 stages. The first increase his movement speed; the second improves his weapon strength, and the third lets his main attack split into 6 projectiles instead of 2. But, there is a catch to it. An upgraded Surge will be stripped off its levels if he is defeated, making his survival the utmost priority to the players.

Sassy skins

  • Our rocket launcher friend has been transformed into the Super Ranger Brock. It is an exclusive skin made available in season 2 Brawl pass.
  • Surge, the newest addition to the roster, gets a feisty skin, the Mecha Paladin Surge. This skin is an exclusive skin made available in the brawl pass.

Save the City

"Super City Rampage" is a new game mode where a team of 3 goes against a boss. The need of the hour is to stop the boss from destroying the city under two minutes.

Rewards and Bling

In a free pass, the players are rewarded with 26 Big Boxes, 10 Mega Boxes, 16 Brawl Boxes, 90 Gems, 1100 Coins, and 875 Power points on any player that chooses to allow it too. With the purchase of the Brawl Pass, the players are awarded whopping rewards, 14 Big Boxes, 5 Mega Boxes, Surge(New Brawler), Super Ranger Brock(Skin), Mecha Paladin Brock(Skin), 1300 coins, 1150 Power points, and 15 super cool Surge Pins.

Players who are in love with noble metals are in luck to purchase "True Gold Skins" and "True Silver Skins." The silver skin can be purchased for a brawler who is upgraded to Power Level 9. Silver costs 10000 coins, and the gold costs 25000 coins. The gold skin is only available after the purchase of the silver skin.

Fresh Gadgets

New gadgets will be released once per week for the entire duration of 10 weeks. The following Brawlers are to receive fresh gadgets:

  1. Crow- poisoned enemies will become slow
  2. Penny- A barrage of shots fired at Penny's location
  3. Bo- mines explode instantly
  4. Mortis- gets a faster reload speed for a given period of time
  5. El Primo- call a shooting meteor at the closest enemy
  6. Jessie- the Supercharge Turret will shoot twice as fast
  7. Barley- Healing potion to every friendly player in range
  8. Shelly- Longer range of fire and narrower cone
  9. Piper- A seeking Bullet
  10. Dynamike- attacks which stuns enemies

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