Minimum Requirements to Play Marvel Super War

If you are a Fan of Marvel and Love Playing MOBA Games then you sure will love Marvel Super War. In Marvel Super War your can play with your favourite Marvel Character such as Iron Man, Black Panther, Black Widow etc. Marvel Super is yet to be globally released and it's expected release date is somewhere in late 2019.


Now If you are wondering whether Marvel Super War will work on your Mobile Devices or not, then don't because here are the Minimum Requirements to Play Marvel Super War on Your Devices, check them out and you will find yourself.

Minimum Requirements to Play Marvel Super War:

  • On Android, the minimum requirement will be at least Snapdragon 410, Qualcomm Adreno 306 and 2 GB of RAM. In this configuration, the game can run in the average setting at 30 FPS. For best results, just have a more current chipset.
  • In iOS, the minimum requirement will be an iPhone 5s. It is worth remembering that in this device, the game will run with graphics at least and below 30 FPS. For best results (60fps) you need to have at least iPhone 7 or higher.