Black Desert Mobile Developer's Plans Of 1Q 2020

After the detailed Roadmap of 2020 back in early December, Pearl Abyss has come up with a complete roadmap of the 1st Quarter of 2020. The developers appreciated the continued support and love of the Adventurers from day one and shared the upcoming improvements, contents, and other changes that will take place in 2020 1Q.


After considering the feedbacks of Adventurers regarding the Node War Times, developers have come up with a reasonable solution. Although the specific details have not been shared by the developers yet, Node War will soon change to the following: nodes will have different times set for Node Wars.

It means your guild can choose a Node for Node War as per the time that suits you and your Guild members. Things are still in development, and the final details will take a little bit of time, but this will give more flexibility to people from various regions.

The current ranking system is Black Desert Mobile only shows your rank per Tier from set brackets. The newly implemented ranking system will be classified into specific groups. There are new special titles for players to get placed in these groups.

The top Adventurers will be ranked based on their position from the top in the Ranking, and Knight and Mercenary will include the players in the top percentage in the rankings. Also, the new system will calculate the ranks from all servers within your region so you can get to know where you stand among other Adventurers in your region.
* All ranks that can be seen in the previous system such as CP, Arena, and Life Skills will now all be calculated from across the region.

There are some Adventurers who are waiting with bated breath for the addition of the Portuguese language in the Clack Desert Mobile ever since the previous announcement. The team is working hard for this and are on track to finish it by March. But you might get to see some Portuguese in-game sneak peeks just in a few weeks.

Throughout your adventure in Black Desert Mobile, one of the useful things is Black Pearls. Some Adventurers have felt that there are only limited ways to earn Black Pearls. By considering this, the developers are continually pondering on how to balance this to provide an enjoyable gaming experience. They are in the process of developing a system that makes it much easier to gain Black Pearls and use them in the adventure. More details will be available when the progress reaches to a presentable state.

Before concluding the Black Desert Mobile 2020 1Q Roadmap, it is essential to mention that a New World Boss, New Map, Level Cap increase, and more, all mentioned in the 2020 Roadmap are on their way to be released in the first quarter of 2020.

Black Desert Mobile is available on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

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