The spiritual successor to ‘Wave Wave’ – Wave Redux drops in the App Store

The rather mesmerizing game Wave Redux is coming to the App Store. A spiritual successor to the hit twitch-genre game Wave Wave from 2014; seeking to replicate that success as well as bringing a whole new experience with this geometric chill-vibe to the mobile genre.


Brought by Tom Janson who wishes to continue down this genre of twitchy arcade games. Which by nature of this genre is to use simple controls, while being distracted by additional movements of rotating imagery and increasing speed to keep the player distracted.

Wave Redux, unlike its intolerable cousin Wave Wave which features similar gameplay but ever so rapid and pulsating visuals that would make any person nauseate. Redux dials it back down a bunch and explores a more relaxed experience.

The game ships with two game modes; firstly, the Chill mode, which features as the name suggests a chilled down version of the game. The mode will move at a slower pace and the visuals won’t be as distracting. The screen will not rotate unless a special item has been picked up. The second; Hype mode, very aptly coined, sees the player control the triangular snake using swipe inputs – up or down to navigate the endless level. This mode channels the classic fast-paced, pulsating and nauseous Wave Wave experience.

In addition, both the modes will also come with two difficulty modes. Within the Chill mode, you have the regular difficulty where everything is scaled back. However, if you still find that too easy, the Chill Plus option speeds up the play area. You will also score points by collecting “x” signs, contrasting the Wave Wave formula of staying alive for as long as you can. For the Hype mode, it also comes with Hype Plus that takes the Hype mode to the next level. It is not for the faint-hearted as this elevates the speed and pulsating visuals to over 9000!

You can pre-order the game at the App-Store which is dropping on July 8th, 2020.