Gun Rounds Mobile Port Is in Development And Its Coming in August

Gun rounds is a simple yet charming looking, turn-based shooter with rogue-lite elements. It takes inspiration from another game with a similar art style called Downwell. The game is made by an independent developer and internet user called ‘Blabberf’.


The concept of the game is rather simple. You take turns while exchanging fire with the enemies, while also having the ability to “block” the enemy's attacks. By destroying enemy projectiles, you can restore your depleted ammo that was consumed whilst attacking in your turn.

On this red on beige contrasted background of the game, the player will battle across 4 different worlds, each world inhabited with unique and harmful enemies. You can use the vast array of weaponry at your disposal, ranging from a simple pistol to a beam of sunlight, and for the French history fanatics, there’s even a guillotine.

As you progress through the game you can improve and adjust the way you approach the game. As you unlock new items you can spawn a clone, make contact with a demon, or learn ninjutsu and much more unique abilities to play around with.

You’ll be able to purchase upgrades and various items from the shiny treasures you collect. Besides this, you also have the chance to fight the shopkeep if you're up for the challenge. Once you’ve reached your ultimate form, with all the upgrades and arsenal you must face a mysterious final boss.

Lastly, for more information on the game’s development, you can visit their website as well as their twitter for regular updates. As a premium title, the game will be available at $0.99USD with no in-game purchases or ads.