PUBG Mobile: Livik Map Tips And Tricks

PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 Update has arrived at it has brought the much-awaited brand new Livik Map. This New map is very different from the other four maps in the game, and therefore, we thought of sharing a few important tips and tricks that you can follow to increase your chances of getting a chicken dinner in the new Livik Map.


PUBG Mobile Livik Map Tips and tricks:

Ideal Jumping Distance

While the ideal jumping distance from the plane in other maps is around 700-800 Meter. In the Livik map, it's completely different. You should jump at 400 Meters and go down with full speed to land first on the ground.

Land At the Center of the Map

Normally a PUBG Mobile match goes on for 30 Minutes, but livik map is an exception here. The matches only run for 15 Minutes. This means that the play zone will shorten quickly. Therefore, you should try to land at the center of the map to get enough time to loot, and you don't even have to worry about moving to the next location.

Don't go for Supply Drops

With a total size of just 2x2 KM, looting supply drops in Livik map is equivalent to committing suicide. Since the map is so small, every team in the game will know where the Airdrop has landed, and they will be camping around it to take down anyone who goes near it.

UAZ is better than Monster Truck

Monster Truck is all just about the hype. In reality, it's not good. It runs very slow, which makes you an easy target for the enemies. You should rather use UAZ as it has double the Monster truck's speed, which helps you not only in rushing but also in running away. To add, UAZ also provided better bullet protection as compared to the monster truck.

Don't Use Vehicles

In other maps, we always suggest that you should always carry a vehicle along with you. But in PUBG Mobile's Livik Map, we will suggest you just the opposite. Again it is because of the small size of the map, you don't really need a vehicle, you can easily walk to other locations. Using vehicles will also act as an alarm for your enemies, and in such a close map, expect enemies in every corner.

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So that's it for this post. We hope these PUBG Mobile Livik Map Tips and Tricks will help you get your next chicken dinner.