How To Get Characters In Free Fire? - Guide on Buying Characters

Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games available on mobile with over 500 million players worldwide. Its uniqueness lies in the character system it offers. Free Fire is the first-ever battle royale mobile game that introduced the character system; later other games copied the idea. In this post, we will share how to buy Free Fire characters?


Bringing the right characters to the battlefield when you jump out of the plane can make a big difference in your survival. Apparently, characters are not available for free in the game. So, before buying any random characters, go through our Free Fire Characters' guide. It will help you in investing your diamonds in the best character.

Here Is How To Buy Characters In Free Fire

Step 1: Open Free Fire App

Step 2: Go To 'Store.'

Step 3: Go To 'Character' Section

Step 4: Choose Your Preferred Character

Step 5: Click on Diamonds Icon

Step 6: Make Successful Payment

Another method to get Characters is, go to 'Character' section through the home screen. Click on 'Change' and select your preferred character. Now click on 'obtain,' and it will directly take you to the Character section in the store. Now follow Step 5 and 6; character will be yours.

After following any of the methods mentioned above, you have successfully bought character in Free Fire. Now again, go to 'Character' section through the home screen, click on 'Change,' and select character you have purchased. Now you are all set to jump into the battlefield with special abilities of this new character.

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