COD Mobile Season 11: Release Date, New Features, and More

The gaming sensation Activison's iconic game Call of Duty Mobile is celebrating it's one year anniversary by releasing a massive update full of new features. This update will be one of the biggest this game has ever gotten. Activision has announced there will be no beta testing for the new features because "there are too many new cool features". And as such, all of the hardcore COD Mobile fans are ready to update as soon as possible.

One Year of Call of Duty Mobile

COD Mobile S11 - Expected Features

Following are the expected and leaked features of the new COD Mobile Update:

  1. Halloween Themed Map - Last week, the developers teased this on their Twitter account. The map seems to be a multiplayer Halloween themed night map.
  2. New BATTLE ROYALE MAP - The recent anniversary teaser confirmed a new Battle Royale map to COD Mobile. The title of this map is "Alcatraz".
  3. Night-time maps - Already a feature in Vietnamese CODM, the night arenas are set to become globally released with this update.
  4. New In-game Characters - The teaser seems to hint at four new characters coming with this update including Call of Duty icon Russel Adler.
  5. Blueprint Customization - The already heavily customizable weapon skins will be getting even more customizable with this update.
  6. Battle Pass Season 11 - New battle pass which will bring new skins to the game.

What this update really means - The implications

After one whole year and ten seasons of Call of Duty Mobile, it is finally getting a second battle royale map. This definitely means a lot of fresh attention will be pumped into the game. New or modified multiplayer maps are also going to be big attention grabbers. This update seems to satisfy the needs of every call of duty player. More customization options already make this update even more appealing. The new battle pass updates are extremely interesting anyway because they bring a lot of new content to the game. And since this update is a huge one, this should give the game a new surge and a wider appeal. Let's see what the devs have to bring to the table in this hyped update!

Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 Release Date?

Today, the official twitter handle of the game has confirmed that COD Mobile Season 11 Update or lets say the Anniversary Update will be releasing on 15 October 2020.

Call of Duty Mobile is free to play on both Android and iOS. Well, that's all for this post folks! For more Call of Duty Mobile and other mobile gaming news, stay tuned with Mobile Mode Gaming!

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