New Gun Attachment 'Barrel Extender' is Coming To PUBG Mobile Soon

PUBG Mobile is going to bring a lot of exciting content in the upcoming 0.19.0 Version. In the past, we have already told you about the new upcoming things such a New Map, Armory Arena, New Guns, Monster Truck, and more, which will be added to PUBG Mobile very soon. However, today we are going to tell you about a new gun attachment called 'Barrel Extender,' which will also make it's way to PUBG Mobile in the next update.


If you are an experienced PUBG Mobile player, then you must be aware of the fact that with distance, the damage of bullet drops. To put in simple words to kill an enemy in close range, you will require fewer bullets, then compared to an enemy who is 100 meters away from you.

You must have observed that while you are trying to knock down an enemy with an M416 at a long distance, sometimes he survives even though you feel like you hit him with so many bullets. This happens because of the same reason mentioned above that the damage of each bullet gets deceased in PUBG Mobile with distance.

Anyways coming to the new gun attachment - Barrel Extender is a muzzle attachment that can be equipped on Assault Rifles and Snipers only. It is perfect for Mid to long-range fights, as by using this new attachment, the damage with distance will barely drop.

To put it in simple words by using Barrel Extender on any rifle in PUBG Mobile, the gun will deal almost equal damage in all ranges. For example, let's say Scar-L deals 30 Damage in Close range, so by using the attachment, the gun will deal let's say around 28 Damage even if you shoot it on an enemy who is 100 Meters away from you. (Numbers given are just for example)

Now don't underestimate this attachment, as according to us this is going to be the best attachment for players that like to Spray M416 and similar weapons with a 6x. But that is what we think. Do let us know what you think about this brand new gun attachment in PUBG Mobile in the comments section below.

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