Call of Duty: Mobile Top 3 Green Perks + New Green Perk

It’s easy to lose track of all the elements that impact your gameplay, which is why it’s important to talk about basics and reevaluate what we have on our hands at the start of a new season. Perks sway your gameplay a lot and the pay-off of a good set of perks is heavy. Green perks are the most diverse out of all the other perks, with easy of them being equally useful in certain aspects. So even though only three are mentioned in this list, choose your perk in accordance to how you play.



A simple perk – UAVs can’t reveal your location. This perk is overpowered because it makes a perfect companion to many other perks and the best option for passive players. With a suppressor on your weapon and Dead Silence, you can flank everyone without them seeing you come. No one can track you. You will be smoke to opponents and no matter how hard they try they won’t be able to take you out that easily.

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This perk is best used for players who push and have an aggressive play style. Toughness decreases flinch from being shot upto 60%. Of course, before some nerfs it used to be around 75%. But even at what it is now, the reduced flinch allows you to win gunfights much easier. Flinch is when you’re shot and your gun kicks far away from your opponent. You are more likely to kill the opponent and not take as much damage.


This is by far the best perk to have a more immersive, uninterrupted gameplay. You will not be targetted by AI-controlled scorestreaks, manuals will. This means Shock RCs, Sentry Guns, and Stealth Choppers will not target you while you’re using this perk. These are some of the most annoying ways to die. It goes without saying that the rest of the manually controlled scorestreaks will still kill you. You will also be able to destroy AI-controlled scorestreaks and help your team. Overall an extremely essential perk to have if you don’t want to keep dying fruitlessly against scorestreaks.


Gun, melee, and Combat Axe kills start health regeneration instantly. Capturing and holding objectives also increases health regeneration. Against all the other perks in the list, this perk does pale in comparison a bit. Health regeneration is nice, and this perk will be most useful in matches of Hardpoint and Domination, but the benefits of the perks don’t match up with the other perks. It’s more important to stay hidden on the map, or not get targetted by Shock RCs in a match rather than HP. To regenerate HP and not die in action as easily, all you have to do is hide after a gunfight for a couple of seconds and you’re good to go.

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