Call of Duty: Mobile Shock RC and Gravity Spikes Nerf Update

On the Vietnamese Community updates, we got a compiled list of updates that we can expect in Season 7. Most of the content in that community update is of things we already know about like maps, skins, guns, and perks. And most of it is auto-translated and not the easiest to understand, but in even compresses the UI updates and interface changes to make the player experience much better. Coming back to the RC car and Gravity Spikes, they have been ruling the pubs and the ranked for the whole of Season 6. They are disgustingly good at what they do, and competitive players desperately wanted CODM to nerf these two things.



Gravity Spikes didn't use to be the rave back in the day. In fact, the most seen Operater Skills were the Death Machine, War Machine, Purifier, and Hive. Then in the last seasonal update, the team decided to nerf Death Machine and Purifier by cutting down the magazine size. Added to this was the seasonal task of killing enemies with the Gravity Spikes, and that enabled lots of people to discover what an absolute beast this Specialist was. And then they started to spam it, and overuse it until it became a pain for everyone. The main issues were how quickly the bar filled to obtain the skill in the first place - crazy fast. You could get it after 3-5 kills, whereas every other specialist took half a game. Then if you Spiked someone, the bar would reset at the middle, not the start. This meant you could Spike the opponent team at least three times in one game.

Gravity Spikes

The nerf: The recovery index for the Gravity Spikes after being used once will take longer to fill. The leap height will also be increased.


With the Shock RC already being one of the most infuriating scorestreak in the game, last Season's buff made it unstoppable. It was 350 points for an assured kill - unlike the Hunter Killer Drone which cost more points and had a serious chance of hitting walls instead of players. The buff was that the RC could shock upto two enemies at the same time, and it's anyway always had the biggest HP index.

Shock RC

The nerf:

  • Reduction in the effective shocking time of the Shock RC. Players ranking higher in the team will be able to escape faster from the shocking (maybe players with more kills will escape faster).
  • Increase points required for RC scorestreak by 100 points.

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