5 Great Football Games for All You FIFA Lovers Out There

FIFA, one of the most popular games of EA Sports, has now become a household name in the gaming industry. Almost every person who plays games must have played FIFA at one point in their life, irrespective of the fact they’re football fans or not. So, we’ve made a list of 5 great Mobile Football Games other than FIFA Football that you can play. What better way to kick back and relax during the lockdown, eh?


Dream League Soccer 2020

Arguably one of the best Football (or Soccer, if you may) games on the Play Store, Dream League Soccer 2020 is certainly a great alternative to FIFA Football. The game boasts of incredible 3D graphics and features more than 3500 licensed players that you can use to build your team and take on the world’s best football clubs!

Available for download via Google Play and Apple Play Store.

Real Football


Released way back in 2012 (Android version) by Gameloft, Real Football has held its own among a plethora of Football games available on the Play Store. Real Football lets you build your dream team and challenge other players in its PVP World Arena mode. Though it may not have as impressive graphics as FIFA Football, Real Football makes it up by just being 31 MB in size!

Available for download via Google Play.

eFootball PES 2020

Considered to be the best Football game of all time alongside FIFA, Pro Evolution Soccer, or PES has arguably been Konami’s talisman for a long time now. Having stunning 3D visuals, both online and offline modes, and a plethora of licensed players to build your team, PES is our top pick as a FIFA alternative.

Available for download via Google Play and Apple App Store.

Ultimate Football


Ultimate Football is another great alternative to FIFA Football that provides you with tons of immersive and addictive gameplay content. Although the game doesn’t have licensed players, it does let you build a team and compete in 3 different modes: Career, World Cup, and Friendly mode. If you’re a casual gamer and looking for a lightweight football game, then this might be your best bet.

Available for download via Google Play.

Score! Hero


Now technically speaking, Score! Hero doesn’t exactly offer you the same type of Footballing action as the other games do on this list. Rather, it lets you shoot and score goals from tough and creative scenarios, just with a flick of your finger. With simple enough controls and innovative barebone mechanics, one can easily spend hours playing it without getting bored.

Available for download via Google Play and Apple Play Store.

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