Free Fire Battle Arena League Phase Explained: Format, Point System, Schedule & Other Details

Garena has successfully conducted the first round of the Free fire Battle Arena Tournament. The first round of FFBA 2020 was 'Open Qualifiers' that took place on 24th May 2020. Now top 24 teams from Open Qualifiers will proceed for the next round that is 'League Phase.' The League Phase of FFBA 2020 will be played between 29th May to 5th June 2020.


The top 24 teams to proceed in FFBA 2020 League Phase will be contacted via in-game messaging. If the admins do not receive a reply within a designated time, the teams will be replaced with the next highest ranking teams. In this post, we are going to share the Format, Point System, and other details about the League Phase.

FFBA League Phase - Format

In League Phase, all the 24 teams will be divided into 4 groups called A, B, C & D, each consisting of 6 teams. Top 2 teams from each group will proceed directly to the Finals to be held on 14th June 2020. The teams to secure 3rd to 5th rank from each group will proceed to a round called 'Playoffs.' The Playoffs will be played on 7th June 2020.

The teams to secure the 6th position in each group will be directly eliminated from the tournament. That means a total of 4 teams, bottom one from each group will be eliminated. From Playoffs, the top 4 teams make their way to finals. Coming back, the league phase will use the Best-of-2 format for each match.

In League Phase, a different point system will be used for determining the team's Overall Rank in the match and team's rank in-between the group. In matches, there are going to be points for both Kills and Placement/Rank a team score. Each kill will reward the team with 20 points. The Match Point Table and League Point Table are shared below.

FFBA League Phase - Points System

Match Point Table:


League Point Table:


FFBA League Phase - Match Schedule

Free Fire Battle Arena League Phase will start from 29th May till 5th June. The teams selected will be playing it in the same manner as Open Qualifiers. The exact timings and other details of all the matches are shared below.

Match 1 Day 1AB29th May 18:00 IST
Match 2 Day 1CD29th May 19:00 IST
Match 1 Day 2AC30th May 18:00 IST
Match 2 Day 2BD30th May 19:00 IST
Match 1 Day 3AD31st May18:00 IST
Match 2 Day 3BC31st May19:00 IST
Match 1 Day 4BC3rd June18:00 IST
Match 2 Day 4AD3rd June19:00 IST
Match 1 Day 5BD4th June18:00 IST
Match 2 Day 5AC4th June19:00 IST
Match 1 Day 6CD5th June18:00 IST
Match 2 Day 6AB5th June19:00 IST

The total prize pool of the Free Fire Battle Arena Tournament is 3,00,000 diamonds, out of which 1,00,00 will be given to the team securing first place. All the participants would be happy to know that all the 12 teams reaching the finals will be getting at least 10,00 diamonds in their account. You can check out the Prize Pool Break Up of FFBA 2020.

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