Garena Free Fire Rank System Explained

Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games available on the mobile with more than 500 million worldwide players. Just like every battle royale game, Free Fire also follows a ranking system. Whether you are a real pro player or not, decides the rank on which you are in the game.


In this post, we are going to share in detail the Free Fire Rank List 2020Free Fire Rank Points 2020, and how the Free Fire Rank System works. The goal of the ranks in Free Fire is to give players a fair and competitive environment to display their skills. The lowest rank in the Free Fire is 'Bronze', and the highest rank in the Free Fire is 'Grand Master'.

Earlier, Heroic used to be the highest rank in Free Fire, but the developers realized that there is actually a noticeable difference in skills between the players on the Heroic rank itself. So they decided to bring a new rank called 'Grand Master' that only has 300 spots in each region. Top 300 players in each region will be placed in the "Grand Master" tier daily.

Free Fire All Ranks List 2020

  1. Bronze ( Bronze I – Bronze II – Bronze III )
  2. Silver ( Silver I – Silver II – Silver III )
  3. Gold ( Gold I – Gold II – Gold III – Gold IV )
  4. Platinum ( Platinum I – Platinum II – Platinum III – Platinum IV )
  5. Diamond ( Diamond I – Diamond II – Diamond III – Diamond IV )
  6. Heroic
  7. Grand Master

Free Fire offers various game modes, but only a few of them have the ranking system. Earlier, only 'Ranked Game' used to determine your rank, but with the recent update, Free Fire introduced a ranking system in the Clash Squad Mode as well. But both the modes ranks get calculated separately. By playing the matches, you earn some experience points that result in increasing your rank.

Points Required To Rank Up In Free Fire

Bronze 11000
Bronze 21050
Bronze 31150
Silver 11250
Silver 21350
Silver 31450
Gold 11550
Gold 21663
Gold 3 1788
Gold 41913
Platinum 12038
Platinum 22163
Platinum 32288
Platinum 42413
Diamond 12538
Diamond 22675
Diamond 32825
Diamond 42975
Grand MasterTop 300 of the Region

To rank up fast in Free Fire, you can use the Double Experience cards that you sometimes get out of the crates or the developers offer them in some events. Using these cards, you get double rank increasing points at the end of every match. Use these cards on the days you have sufficient time to play a lot of matches as these cards generally lasts for 24 hours only.

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