PUBG Mobile: Season 13 Update Brings New K/D System

Many PUBG players know how prestigious the Kill-Death or K/D ratio is in the game. More than the number of Chicken Dinners, it is the K/D ratio that decided whether you are a good player or not. Likewise, low K/D ratios for a good tier openly suggest a camping playstyle and no one wants to be labelled a camper.

With Season 13, the devs have changed the current K/D system. The new system will better reflect how good a player actually is at PUBG and prevent people to increase their ratio.


The Existing System

The existing K/D ratio system is pretty straightforward. The number of kills divided by the number of deaths of the player gives the final K/D ratio. However, this system can be said to have a flaw.

Under the current system, if you had a K/D ratio of 4 and in the current match got 3 kills before dying, your K/D ratio would decrease. However, if you got only 1 kill and won the match (which can mostly be done through camping or relying on stronger teammates), your K/D would increase.

In short, this is a bit unfair to players who are actually playing the game but getting killed. It also favors and encourages camping as well as being carried by stronger players as a means to increase the ratio.


The Updated System

The devs have noticed the existing problems of the system. Starting from Season 13 a completely new way of calculating the K/D ratio will be implemented.

Under this system, the final K/D ratio will be an average of per match K/D ratio. Like before, getting lower kills in a match and dying will definitely lead to a decrease in your K/D ratio. But if you win the match with kills lower than K/D ratio, even then your overall K/D ratio will decrease.

This happens because now the player will get a K/D ratio per match based on the number of kills he does in it. Then the overall K/D ratio will be calculated by taking the average of all the available K/D ratios per match. Now, the only thing affecting your K/D is the actual kills you make in a match.


It is evident that with the latest update, the devs are now tackling the major problem of camping that has plagued PUBG. First with the introduction of Safety Scramble Mode and now by updating the K/D system. It is expected that soon the habit of camping will be completely curbed in the game.

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