How To Get Free Falco Pet & Skin In Free Fire

Free Fire OB22 Update has brought its first-ever bird pet to the game called 'Falco.' And the best thing is, players can get the Free Fire Falco pet and its skin, absolutely for free. In this post, we will share how to get Free Falco Pet & Skin in Free Fire.


Free Fire will get the 2020 edition of its Beach Party Event on 7th June 2020, that will last for 14 days until 21st June 2020. Every major event of the Free Fire has a Peak Day when the game rewards players some free fire gifts. The Peak day of Free Fire Beach Party Event is going to be 14th June 2020.

As the peak day is on 14th June, the event is also called the '14/6 Beach Party'. As a part of the Free Fire 14/6 Beach Party Event, if you log in to the game on peak day (14th June), you get the brand new Falco Pet absolutely for free. So to get the free Falco pet in Free Fire, you just need to login on 14th June 2020.

Apart from that, you also get its red-colored skin for free. On the same day (14th June), if you play one match with your friend, you get this skin for free. The developers have not specified whether you need to keep Falco pet or not in that one match. So we recommend you to obtain Falco Pet and then play the match (to be on the safe side).

All the rewards available during the Free Fire 14/6 Beach Party Event are going to be available for a permanent duration of time, which indicated that the Falco Pet and its skin is also going to be in your account permanently.

Do not forget to take part in the Free Fire Beach Party Event 2020 Edition; it is coming with a lot of free rewards to the players. You can check out the complete details about the 14/6 Beach Party Event.

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