How To Report A Hacker In Free Fire

Free Fire is one of the most popular Battle Royale Games available on mobile with millions of players worldwide. In this game, 50 players land on a remote island and find loots all around the map while defeating each other, and the last one standing wins the game. As you know, only 1 player or team becomes the winner, which is quite a hard task.

To become the winner or to do Booyah! in the Free Fire, some players tart using unfair methods that are called 'Hacks.' Hacking is making changes in the game data to get an unfair advantage that can be infinite health, infinite ammo, etc. The players who do all these cheating are called 'Hackers.' So today we are going to teach you, How To Report A Hacker In Free Fire.


Here Is How To Report Hackers In Garena Free Fire

  1. Go To Free Fire ‘Submit a request‘ Support Desk

    Free Fire has a dedicated support desk for all kinds of issues you face with respect to the game.

  2. Enter Your Email Address

  3. Select 'Abuse Report' as Type of Problem

    There are lots of options available in the Type of Problem, such as Abuse Report, Account Ban, Account Loss, Bug Report, Missing Items, etc, You need to select the most suitable option for your problem that is 'Abuse Report'. Hacking, Verbal abuse and similar reports falls under this section.

  4. Provide ‘Description and Details’

    Under this section, you need to mention in detail, exactly what hack you faced or what the hacker did!

  5. Enter Exact In-Game Name of hack user
  6. Enter Exact playerID of hack user

  7. In Attachments, Add Hack Screenshot

    Click on 'Add file' and attach the screenshot you took during the gameplay of using hack by the player. It is not mandatory to have a screenshot to report a hacker.

After following the above-mentioned steps, complete the reCAPTCHA (if asked) and click on 'Submit' to file your complaint with the Garena about Hacker in Free Fire.

Apart from the above-mentioned method, you can also report hackers in-game while playing. After death, you go to Viewer mode. To report the hacker, click on 'Report.' Now select the 'Hack' option and click on 'Confirm' to make a complaint. But as you quit the game by mistake, you can still report the hacker by following the above-mentioned steps.


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