How To Submit A Request In Garena Free Fire

Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games available for mobile devices with millions of players from around the world. While playing the game, you might come to encounter various bugs and glitches in the game, such as Event Issues, Missing Items, Payment issues, etc. Not only that, sometimes, you also encounter a hacker, or you might lose access to your account.


There are lots of possibilities for the number of problems you can encounter, so what to do in this situation. Most of the players do not bother to report the issues or hackers, but if you are not from them and want to know the way to do it, we are here for you. In this article, we are going to share with you how to submit a request in Free Fire.

Here is How To Submit a Request In Free Fire:

  1. Go To Free Fire 'Submit a request' Support Desk

    Free Fire has a dedicated support desk for all kinds of issues you face with respect to the game.

  2. Enter Your Email Address

  3. Select the Type of problem

    There are lots of options available in the Type of Problem, such as Abuse Report, Account Ban, Account Loss, Bug Report, Missing Items, etc, You need to select the most suitable option for your problem.

  4. Provide 'Description and Details'

    Under this section, you need to mention in detail, exactly what problem you are facing!

The above-mentioned steps are compulsory for all types of problems. But after selecting the 'type of problem,' you will get to see additional columns on your screen based on your issue. Such as, in case of technical issue, it asks for screenshot attachment; in case of an abuse report, it asks for player id other the player, etc.

The most common issues are related to hack, so before submitting the request, make sure you have that player's in-game name, in-game PlayerID, and the screenshot of the hack.

Here's A Brief Guide On What To Select As The Type Of Problem;

Type of ProblemDescription
Abuse Report If you wish to report another player for using Hacks, Teaming or anything that violates the Abuse Policy.
Account Ban If your account or mobile device is banned and wish to file an appeal
Account Loss If you are not able to log in your Free Fire account
Event Issue If you encounter a problem with any in-game event (including missing rewards)
General Enquiry If you have a question about Free Fire
Missing Item/s If an item in your account suddenly went missing 
Payment Issue (item purchased in Google Play not received) If you purchased an item (diamonds, membership, etc.) via Google Play & didn't receive or appear in your account. 
Payment Issue (Special Airdrop not received) If you purchased a Special Airdrop and didn't receive it in-game
Technical Issue If you are facing a technical problem
Tournament Issue If you have a problem or question about a tournament
Wrong Server If your account server changed to another region after an update
Other If you have a random question, suggestion or feedback

To avoid delays in resolution of your problem, you are advised to also ensure that you select the correct 'Type of Problem.' As mentioned above, depending upon your concern, the system automatically asks you needed information by the customer team to assist you; thus, it is important to select the appropriate type of problem.

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