Top 5 Gadgets in Brawl Stars that will Win you the Game

With a recent update, the developers of Brawl Stars have introduced the gadgets feature. Each character can now use a gadget that is unique to him/her. These gadgets have a large variety of abilities and have added a new dimension to the gameplay.

Here we list some of the best gadgets that you should get your hands on and ways in which you can use them. These will definitely give you a win in the game.


Jacky - Pneumatic Boost

Jacky's Pneumatic Boost is a simple gadget but it is a very valuable feature to add to her arsenal. On activating the gadget, you will get a speed boost for 3 seconds.

Any player who has played using Jacky will know how awesome this gadget can be for the gameplay. Using this boost, you will be able to close in on long-range opponents before they even realize what has happened. Once they are in range, the stand-off pretty much writes itself due to Jacky's immensely powerful attack.

Another way you can use this gadget is to escape tanks who will generally defeat you. The gadget will allow you to escape their range of attack and then attack them from a safe distance.

This is the most recommended gadget to get your hands on. A win in the solo and dual matches is almost guaranteed with this gadget on Jacky.

Nita - Bear Paws

The next gadget on the list is one of the most useful attack gadgets in Brawl Stars. On using Bear Paws, enemies in the range of Nita's bear will get stunned. The duration of the stun is actually quite long.

Once the enemy gets stunned both you and the bear can deal damage to him. A fully charge Nita with her bear can deal upwards of 4000 damage to the stunned enemy. Thus it is obvious that any enemy who gets hit by this gadget is guaranteed to get eliminated.

The best way to use this gadget is to aim the spawn of your bear directly on the enemy and then instantly use the gadget. In, this way you will guarantee your win. The only downside is that if the enemy is not in range of Nita's bear, there is a very low chance that you will be able to use the gadget to take him down.

The gadget gives Nita a winning chance in Solo and Duo battles. It will also help in Brawl Ball and Gem Battles where stunning an enemy can give you the upper hand.

Poco - Tuning Fork

The Tuning Fork gadget is a defense based gadget. It is just perfect for Poco and his healing ability focused gameplay. On using this gadget, you and your teammates who are in range will heal 500 health per second for 5 seconds.

For a player using Poco whose Super already heals himself and others, this gadget adds to the play style. The Tuning Fork can be said to be giving 'too much healing' for the team. You and the team can practically become invincible in the game if the gadget is used correctly and combined with Poco's Super.

This gadget makes Poco the best support character in the game. It will allow for a more aggressive and reckless playstyle by you and your team. Getting your hands on this gadget is definitely recommended.

Shelly - Fast Forward

The Fast Forward gadget is another all-rounder gadget like Jacky's Pneumatic Boost. Using this gadget, you will get a short dash towards your desired direction.

This gadget allows you to play at Shelly's strengths as well as hide her weakness. You can easily close in on long-range opponents on using this gadget. The rest of the combat then practically becomes one-sided. Another use of the gadget is to escape tanks and opponents against whom you have a good chance of losing.

Thus this gadget can be used both for attack as well defense which makes it extremely valuable. You will need to practice a lot (7-8 matches) before you become comfortable in using this gadget. But it is a investment which will bring good returns in the game.

If you get the chance, do get this gadget as it will greatly improve your gameplay and help you get wins.

Emz - Friendzoner

The last entry on our list is a gadget that is one of the best gadgets in the entire game. Using this gadget, you will push back all enemies around you while also dealing damage to them.

Aptly named Friendzoner according to Emz's personality, this gadget is a two-in-one equipment. It will defend you while at the same time also helping you attack.

The gadget will protect you from tanks and powerful enemies who could do you great damage. Additionally, it also creates the perfect distance between you and the enemy to allow you to deal maximum damage from your basic attack. The extra damage by the gadget is just a bonus to the entire thing.

The gadget is very useful and can be used in emergency situations as well as by baiting the opponent. If have played with Emz and liked her playstyle, do get this gadget.

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