Pokemon Go Introduced Remote Raid Passes To Play It Indoors

It’s no overstatement to say that Pokemon Go is the most popular AR game in the Play Store. Traditionally, it is played outdoors. However, due to recent troubled times, where most of us don’t have the liberty of going outside, playing Pokemon Go might seem impossible.

Well, fret not! Niantic, Pokemon Go’s developer, is optimizing the game so that it can be played indoors. One of the biggest changes that will be made in the game is in Raid Battles.


Conventionally, Raid Battle is played in a gathering where the trainers cooperate to defeat an extremely powerful Pokemon known as the Raid Boss. Trainers may get legendary Pokemons, once they defeat it in the Raid Battle.

Remote Raid will allow the player to do so but without having to step outdoors. It will let the players participate in Raid Battles that appear on their map or in the ‘nearby’ screen, from their home.

Trainers will be able to participate in these raids if they possess a Remote Raid Pass. It, initially, will be available in a new bundle for 1 Pokecoin in the in-game shop. However, if you want additional passes then, it will cost you 100 Pokecoins per pass. The price for additional passes is expected to increase in the future.

This new feature has two limitations. Firstly, the players will be allowed to keep a limited number of passes. Secondly, there will be a limit on the number of players joining the battle.

The exact number of players who can use the Remote Raid Pass in the battle is not known. Also, pokemon used by Remote Raid players will face power reductions in the future as Niantic makes this Remote Raid feature more robust.

The Remote Raid might be a permanent addition to the game with more limitations placed on it. The company promises to add more features in the game, which will make it more suited for indoors.