AKM vs. M762 - Which One Is Better AR In PUBG Mobile?

The AKM and the Beryl M762 are both exceptional guns in PUBG Mobile. The guns fall under the category of Assault Rifles or AR. As exceptional as they are, there is always an ongoing heated debate among the players as to which of the two is better. This is especially a tough question to answer as both of the guns have almost the same stats. 

In this article, we will try to see the differences between these two guns and see which one is most suited for you. We will be judging these guns based on five parameters - Attachments, Bullets, Recoil, Damage, and Firing Rate.


The Beryl M762 takes the lead here. It comes with four attachment slots – Sight, Muzzle, Foregrip, and a Magazine. The AKM, on the other hand, has only three attachment slots – Sight, Muzzle, and Magazine. 


The compensator is the best Muzzle choice for AKM because of its high recoil. As for M762, the compensator can be done without as it has a slot for foregrips. The Vertical foregrip would be the best choice of foregrip for M762, as it will reduce vertical recoil and provide stability.


Both the guns use 7.62mm bullets, which have better penetrating power than other bullets in the game. Apart from that, both the guns have the same bullet capacity of 30 bullets without an extended magazine, and with attachment can be extended to 40.


The absence of a foregrip in AKM means that it has a slightly higher recoil than the Beryl M762. Both guns require expertise to use, especially in mid-range combat. However, M762 becomes more comfortable to use if equipped with a compensator and a Vertical foregrip.



AKM performs better than the Beryl, in terms of damage output. It has 49 damage per bullet, while the Beryl has 47 damage per bullet. Both the guns have a very high damage output, thanks to the 7.62mm bullets.

Fire Rate

The AKM has a single fire mode and a full auto mode. The M762, on the other hand, has three firing modes – Single Fire, Auto, and Burst Mode. The burst mode fires three bullets in one tap. 

AKM, as mentioned before, has more damage output and is better for long-range targets. Both the guns are exceptionally accurate in single fire mode and can penetrate through a level 2 helmet in 3-4 sprays.



Choosing either of the gun depends upon your expertise. The AKM is a lethal weapon if one can master using it. It requires a considerable amount of practice and technique to master this beast of a gun.

M762, on the other hand, is a better choice of weapon if you are not that comfortable with using the AKM. If you find a compensator and a Vertical foregrip for M762, it can lead you straight to Chicken Dinner.