Top 5 Android Idle Clicker Games to Pass the Time

The idle clicker genre is one the weirdest thing to happen to mobile gaming. It is expected that the gamer would want a challenge to enjoy a game. But Idle clickers do the opposite. They remove all challenges and bog down the gameplay to a simple system of tapping. This is a list of some of the more revolutionary idle clickers available for your phone. Hours will pass by unnoticed once you start playing one of these games.


AdVenture Capitalist

This is one of the oldest and most influential idle clicker games. AdVenture Capitalist set the standard for how these games would be made and inspires developers to this day. This game will grip your interest instantly. You start off with a small lemonade stand and soon convert it into a booming business and money-making machine. It also introduces the concept of managers which will do the clicking for you. Thus, after a certain time, all you will have to do is just watch as your business generates money on its own. Even though it is old, this game has held up well and is a fun option to try out.

Doomsday Clicker

Doomsday Clicker features high-quality graphics that you will fall in love with. Like all idle clickers, one only has to tap on the screen to generate $$ and play the game. What is attractive about this game is its unique game setting. You are an evil mastermind who is selling bunkers to the survivors of a planet-wide disaster. You generate money, upgrades these bunkers and can cause more disasters to increase your level. At a certain point, the need for tapping at the screen can be erased by buying and upgrading idle generators. This is a fun game with no need for purchases to play the game to its full.

Bitcoin Billionaire

This is another fun idle clicker with unique 8-bit graphics. You have to tap on the screen to mine fake bitcoins and spend them on buying investments. These investments vary from comic books to hyper loops!! Like other idle clickers, you can buy upgrades to increase the bitcoins being mined. Additionally, there is also some fake news at the top of the screen which will make fun of the game and the player. Unlike other games, the sole focus of bitcoin billionaire is to make your taps generate as much bitcoins as possible. The game is guaranteed to make you addicted to it.

Egg, Inc

Egg, Inc. is another idle clicker worthy of your games collection. This game gives you a peaceful experience as you see the chickens running across the screen. You can upgrade buildings and research technology to boost your progress. An additional feature of this game is farm contracts which allow you to team up with fellow players to achieve a given goal. While most clicker games have the option to reset the progress for better rewards, Egg, Inc. does it better. Initially, you start with a normal egg. Egg, Inc.'s prestige system gives you the option of starting over with a better type of egg which generates more cash and another option to completely reset the progress and be sent back to the first egg. This double reward system is truly innovative. The running chickens, high-quality graphics and reward systems make the player keep coming back to the game.

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Idle Miner Tycoon

The final entry on our list is something unique in the idle clicker genre. Most clicker games will have you click on the screen or a particular button. But Idle Miner Tycoon does something different. Instead of just the screen, you have to click the various workers to make them work. These include the miners, the lift and the transporter. However, to ease your play, you can hire managers to do this job for you. Idle Miner Tycoon makes you choose the importance of various sections and decide which one to upgrade. Essentially, you are given more freedom to run the game which increases the fun. With beautiful graphics and various mines which you can play at, Idle Miner Tycoon is one idle clicker you would definitely want to try.