'Through the Darkest of Times' Is Coming To Mobile, Pre-Registration Begins

Developed by paintbucket and published by HandyGames -Through the Darkest of Times is a historical resistance strategy game. Its focus lies on conveying the grim atmosphere of the period and the very real struggles of average people living in the 3rd Reich.


The game puts you in charge of a small resistance group in 1933 Berlin. Made up of ordinary men and women, Jews and Catholics, Communists and Patriots who can’t bear the Nazi’s atrocities any longer. The group’s main goal is to survive and along the way, they will help those in need and spread information about the regime’s bleak dealings. You will need to collect donations, gain supporters and sabotage the fascist regime’s affairs whenever and wherever you can.

Handy Games has just announced that Through the Darkest of Times will soon be coming on the mobile platform. The game is already available for Pre-Registration on Google Play.

Through the Darkest of Times will be a premium title priced at 7.99 USD. There will be no ads, microtransactions, loot boxes, or other gambling mechanics. One price, one great game.

Talking of release date as of now, the publishers have not announced an exact date of release. But we are expecting Through the Darkest of Times to be globally released in end of May 2020

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Key Features 'Through the Darkest of Times'

  • Experience 4 historically accurate chapters on your iOS or Android device
  • Fight for freedom, weaken the regime and lead your resistance group
  • Plan activities, find collaborators and don’t get caught
  • Feel the weight of responsibility as you make difficult decisions and face dire consequences
  • Beautifully illustrated expressionistic scenes and events
  • Updated UI and performance optimization for the best possible mobile experience